An Angel for Christmas

This page is constantly being revised as I add more to the novel.  I may not have every chapter here right now.  But, don't worry, they'll be here soon enough.


Gina has always been attracted to other women.  When she was a teenager she hid a porno magazine under her mattress so she could masturbate looking at those beautiful, naked girls.  She still did that.  She snuck her husbands’ magazines and masturbated to them almost every night while he was at work.  She couldn’t seem to stop thinking about having a female lover.  But, she could never tell her husband.  Max would probably leave her if he knew.  She fought the desire to fulfill her fantasy on a daily basis.  Actually, she had already had a sexual experience with a woman years ago.  It was the night she graduated high school.  Gina recalled that memory quite vividly. 

Gina had just turned seventeen and her boyfriend had broken up with her.  They were both headed off to college and he didn’t know how they would keep their relationship together with her being here in Nevada and him going to Florida.  She was upset and needed to talk to her best friend.  So, she called Angel and told her what happened.  Angel came over right away.  Angel was already eighteen.  They had lived in the same neighborhood all their lives.  They grew up together and spent all their time together.  Gina loved Angel like a sister.  She was always there for her when her parents were fighting or just being assholes. 

Gina’s parents were away for the weekend.  They had left her alone to celebrate her graduation by herself.  They hadn’t even come to her graduation ceremony.  They weren’t home much during those days anyway.  When they were home, her dad was always yelling at her and her mom was always drunk.  They never kept the alcohol locked up.  So, Gina could get into it whenever she wanted.  They never seemed to catch on when Gina dipped into it.    When Angel came over to her house, they helped themselves to the liquor.  They spent most of the night drinking and dancing around in the living room in their short pajamas.

“Do you want to go upstairs,” Angel asked Gina.  “I’m getting kind of tired.”
“Sure, I’m kind of drunk anyway,” she said as she stumbled toward the stairs. 

Gina wasn’t totally drunk.  But, she had a pretty good buzz going.  The girls held onto each other as they stumbled and giggled their way up the stairs.  Angel walked over to Gina’s bed and spread her arms out to her sides and fell onto the bed with a bounce.  Gina laughed and jumped on top of her.  Gina straddled Angel and started tickling her.  They laughed and wrestled around taking turns pinning each other down.

“Phew,” said Angel, “it’s hot in here.” 

Angel slid her ass off the bed and stood up.  She removed her jammy top and dropped it on the floor.  As Angel bent down to remove her shorts, Gina stared at Angel’s ass.  She was wearing silky red thongs and matching bra.  She had never seen such a perfect heart-shaped ass before.    Angel had the roundest breasts she had ever seen.  They were really big compared to her own.  She felt something stir inside her.  Angel looked at Gina and smiled.  Gina smiled back and tried to avert her eyes from Angel’s luscious breasts.  She could feel herself blushing.  She’d probably lose her as a friend if she touched those beautiful breasts.

“Well, aren’t you hot,” asked Angel as she plopped back onto the bed. 

With one leg hanging off the bed, Angel leaned back on her arms.  Her other leg was bent at the knee and spread wide.  Her auburn hair flowed like silk behind her.  Gina could see a small patch of  dark hair sticking out of the edge of Angel’s thong.
“Definitely,” replied Gina nodding her head vigorously.  Gina stripped down to her bra and panties too.  Gina crawled onto the bed next to Angel and lay on her side looking up at Angel.

“I have to go pee,” said Angel jumping off the bed.  “I’ll be right back.”

Gina watched as Angel’s ass jiggled as she trotted out of the room and shut the door behind her.  Feeling a little dizzy from the feelings stirring inside of her, Gina rolled on her back and took a deep breath.  She closed her eyes but all she could see was Angel’s perfect little body.  She thought about putting her face in between her milky white thighs and licking her juices.  Gina’s hands instinctively went to her breasts.  As she thought about Angel, she caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples.  She could see herself doing that to Angel.  Her right hand slid down to her pussy.  The warmth of her fingers aroused her even more.  She was so wet down there.  She had never been that wet before.  She rubbed her slit and brought her fingers to her mouth.  She could smell herself and she smelled good.  She imagined that’s what Angel would smell like too.

Angel didn’t really have to go pee.  She stood in front of the long mirror on the back of the door and watched herself caress her naked breasts.  She thought about squeezing and licking Gina’s nipples.  She stepped out of her panties and removed her bra and placed them on the back of the toilet.  Sitting down on the edge of the bathtub, she opened her legs wide and glanced at her own pussy in the mirror.  Amidst the dark hair that surrounded her pussy lips, she could see the moisture building up in her cunt.  She spread her lips apart and rubbed her slit.  It was bright pink and very shiny from all her juices.  She imagined that it was Gina’s wet snatch.  Oh how she wished she could shove her fingers up Gina’s pussy and suck on that sweet little clit of hers.  Angel rubbed her slit and brought the moisture up to her clit.  Her clit was so huge.  She couldn’t waste any time.  She was supposed to be going pee.  It didn’t take that long to go pee.  She got down on the rug and lifted her legs into the air.  She rubbed her slit until her juices were dripping down her asshole.  With one finger pushing on her asshole, she shoved a finger in her hot snatch and massaged her clit with her thumb.  The finger in her ass went deeper as she wiggled it around.  As she wiggled that finger around she vigorously stroked her clit until she came.

Laying there on the floor panting, she tried to come back to her senses.  She knew that she had to clean herself up and get back to the room before Gina suspected something.  On shaking legs, she got up and washed her hands.  She didn’t want them smelling like her snatch or her ass when she went back in there.  She knew she had to clean up the juices running down her leg.  So, she reached above the toilet for a washcloth to wipe up her juices.  She was still a little weak in the knees from cumming and she had to get on her tip toes to reach them.  As she grabbed the top one, the whole stack of washcloths came tumbling down, knocking her bra and panties into the toilet.

“Shit,” said Angel.  She retrieved her bra and panties from the toilet and tossed them into the tub. 

There was nothing left for her to do but go back into Gina’s room totally naked.  She knew she shouldn’t.  She wasn’t that drunk yet.  She could wrap a towel around her naked body.  But, that wouldn’t be any fun.  She wondered what Gina would think seeing her totally naked with her nipples hard as rocks.  Angel opened the bathroom door and tip toed to Gina’s bedroom.  Maybe she fell asleep, she thought.  Just as she went to grab the doorknob to Gina’s bedroom, she heard Gina moan.  Angel grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly and gently pushed the door open just a little bit. 

There, on the bed spread eagle was Gina with one hand up her pussy and the other on her breast.  Angel just stood there and watched for a minute as Gina’s hand worked in and out of that beautiful snatch of hers.  Gina’s ass bucked off the bed a few times.  She was oblivious to the fact that Angel was standing there, totally naked, watching her.  Angel’s hand slid down her torso to her pussy.  She started rubbing her clit as she watched Gina pleasure herself.  Gina almost had her whole hand up her sweet little pussy.  Angel was getting more excited and she let a moan escape from her lips. 

Gina’s hand stopped and she opened her eyes.  When she saw Angel standing there naked and rubbing her own pussy, she yanked her hand out of her throbbing pussy and sat up.

“Oh my God,” whispered Gina as she grabbed the blanket from the bed and threw it on her naked body.

“What,” asked Angel.  She rubbed her clit in a circular motion and pinched her nipple.   “I’m doing it too,” she said. 

Angel bent her knees and slid a finger into her pussy. 

“See, “ she said as she rode her finger. 

She pulled her finger from her snatch, put in her mouth and sucked on it.  Angel smile seductively as she walked toward the bed.  Gina looked terrified. 

“Wh-why are you naked,” asked Gina pulling the blanket up around her neck.  Her face was flushed.  Angel could tell that she was almost ready to cum.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Angel said with a smile.

“Uh, ya, right,” Gina replied forcing a grin.

“I was getting myself off in your bathroom and I accidentally knocked my bra and panties into the toilet.”
Gina couldn’t believe what a beautiful body Angel had.  She also couldn’t believe that she had just masturbated because she saw her in her underwear.  Now, Angel was standing right in front of her totally naked.

“Well, you can wear something of mine for now,” replied Gina forcing herself to look away from Angel.

Her pussy was dripping its juices onto her bed.  She had been so close to cumming.  She was so damn horny and wanted to finish getting off.  But, Angel had interrupted her.  Now, there was no way she was going to finish.  She didn’t want Angel thinking that she was a lesbian or anything like that.

“No, that’s okay.  I think I’ll stay like this.  I love being naked.  Don’t you,” Angel asked with a grin as she walked toward the bed.

“I –uh-I don’t know,” stammered Gina.  “I never really thought about it.”

“Go ahead, rub your clit Gina.  I don’t mind.  You can watch me too,” Angel said as she placed one leg on the bed. 

Her pussy was so close to Gina’s face.  Gina couldn’t help but stare.  Angel reached for Gina’s hand and got a hold of it before she could pull away.  She pulled Gina’s hand toward her wet pussy and guided her hand to her clit.  Just the touch of Gina’s hand on her clit made Angel want to cum.  Gina pulled her hand away and leaned back.

“Angel, I’m not a lesbian,” she cried.

“Neither am I Gina.”

Angel crawled on the bed toward Gina.

“I love a good hard cock just as much as you do.  But, sometimes, it’s nice to feel a soft body and to lick a dripping wet pussy.” 

Angel’s face was close to Gina’s.  Gina could feel the heat of her breath as she spoke.  She leaned back away from Angel.  Her breathing increased with each passing second.  As she put her arms behind her to pull herself back and away from Angel, the blanket slipped from her breasts.  She tried to grab it but she was too late.  Angel had pushed it aside and her mouth was headed straight for Gina’s breast.  Gina inhaled deeply which only brought her nipple to Angel’s mouth quicker.

Gina’s breath caught in her throat.  Angel sucked on Gina’s nipple and then circled her tongue around it.  She flicked her tongue back and forth over her nipple and then bit down gently.  Gina let out a moan.  She had never felt that sensation before.  No-one had ever bit her nipple.  An electric pulse shot through her breast and down into her pussy.  She leaned back on the bed and let Angel play with her nipple some more.  With each nibble, Gina thought that she was going to cum.  Angel lay on top of Gina with their pussies touching.  Gina opened her eyes and looked straight into Angel’s eyes.  Angel smiled and traced her tongue over Gina’s lips.  Gina gasped opening her lips slightly.  Angel took advantage of the situation and slid her tongue inside Gina’s mouth and kissed her long and hard.  Gina closed her eyes and let her own tongue match the movements of Angel’s.  She couldn’t believe that this was happening. 

Angel began grinding herself on top of Gina.  Their kissing intensified as Gina wrapped her arms around Angel’s soft body.  She caressed Angel’s back and let her hands slide down to Angel’s ass.  She grabbed her ass and pulled her closer as she ground her pussy up into Angel’s.  Gina couldn’t believe how good it felt.  Gina didn’t want to stop.  Angel pulled her tongue from Gina’s mouth and slid her hot, wet tongue down Gina’s neck.  Gina arched her back.  Her pussy was pulsating and needed to be rubbed some more.  But, Angel had a different plan.  Gina’s breasts were heaving with each breath.  She ground her ass into the bed.  Angel’s tongue circled Gina’s breast and landed on her nipple.  She sucked on Gina’s nipple while caressing the other breast with her hand. 

Gina was still gyrating underneath Angel waiting for her to come back up and rub their pussies together again.  She wanted to cum.  Instead, Angel let her tongue trail down Gina’s belly placing kisses on her hot flesh along the way.  Gina spread her legs open and looked at Angel.  She reached out her hands to pull Gina up to her.  Angel laced her fingers in between Gina’s and pulled Gina up to a sitting position.  Angel wanted Gina to see what she was going to do to her.  She let go of Gina’s hands.  Gina placed her hands on the bed.  She sat there for a second watching Angel blow on her pussy.  Angel spread Gina’s legs open wide.  Angel spread Gina’s pussy lips open.  Gina closed her eyes and tilted her head back.  She felt Angel’s finger rub up and down her slit.  Then, Angel’s tongue licked her pussy and her mouth closed over Gina’s clit.  Gina slowly leaned back until she was lying down again. 

Gina was so aroused.  She refused to believe that this made her a lesbian.  She still loved to fuck a nice hard cock.  Angel was sucking on her clit harder.  Then, she felt a finger inside her hot pussy.  She tried to imagine that it was a cock inside of her.  It didn’t help much.  She knew that it was Angel.  She could hear Angel moaning as she ground her pussy on Gina’s leg.  Angel’s pussy was so wet that it slid easily up and down Gina’s leg. 

Gina didn’t want her to stop.  She felt Angel stick another finger inside of her.  Angel’s mouth stopped sucking on her clit.  She opened her eyes and looked at Angel.  Angel looked up at her and smiled.  Gina watched as Angel stuck a third finger into her.   Angel’s thumb stroked Gina’s clit every so often.  Angel didn’t want her to cum yet.  Gina licked her lips and saw Angel’s hand pump in and out of her pussy like it was a cock.  She was ready to cum.  Gina spread her legs wide.  Angel pulled her hand out of Gina’s pussy and lay down on the bed with her legs together and out straight.  With her right hand underneath her, she rubbed her own clit.  She started sucking on Gina’s clit again and finger fucking her pretty little snatch.  Gina moaned and arched her back.  Angel sucked harder on Gina’s clit.  She wiggled her fingers in until her whole hand was pumping insider her.  She knew that Gina was ready to cum.  The muscles in Gina’s legs and ass tightened up. 

“Oh God,” screamed Gina.  Her orgasm felt like fireworks shooting through her.   She had never felt like that when she was with a guy.  Angel shoved her hand in and out of Gina and sucked her clit until Gina exploded a second time.  Angel slid her hand out of Gina’s pussy and pulled herself up next to Gina.

“How was that,” asked Angel.

“Oh my God.  I’ve never felt anything like it before,” she replied panting. 

Angel lay there next to Gina rubbing herself, her hand slowly massaging her clit.

“Is it my turn,” asked Angel licking her lips.

“I don’t know if I can.  I’ve never done that before,” said Gina embarrassed.

“You can just rub my pussy if you want.  You don’t have to taste me.”

Angel grabbed Gina’s hand and placed on her pussy.  With her hand over Gina’s she rubbed her pussy up and down.  Gina kept her hand there this time.  Angel took her hand away and watched as Gina stared down at her pussy and kept rubbing it.

“You don’t even have to put a finger inside of me.  But, I really need to get off right now,” said Angel as she lay on her back and spread her legs.

Gina positioned herself in between Angel’s legs and kept rubbing her clit.  As she was rubbing, her hand slid down Angel’s slit.  It was so damn wet.  She began rubbing Angel’s slit up and down with one hand and the enlarged clit with the other.  Gina was so turned on.  She had never touched another woman’s pussy before.  She looked up at Angel.  Angel’s eyes were closed and she was caressing her breasts.  Just the sight of Angel’s hands on her own breasts was getting Gina hot again.  She looked back down at what she was doing to Angel’s pussy.  She wondered what she tasted like.  Gina brought a finger to her mouth and tasted Angel’s juices.  Oh God, she tasted so good.  She slid herself down closer to Angel’s pussy.  While she rubbed Angel’s clit, she slowly stuck a finger inside of Angel’s pussy. 

“Oh yeah, that feels so fucking good Gina,” moaned Angel.

Gina loved the look of Angel’s dripping pussy.  She fingered her faster.  The smell of her pussy was intoxicating.  She leaned closer and inhaled the sweet smell.  She stuck another finger inside Angel’s throbbing pussy.  She licked her lips and bit down on her bottom lip.  She wanted to taste her.  But, she didn’t want to be a lesbian.  The sound of Angel moaning aroused her even more.  She pulled her fingers out of Angel’s pussy.  She leaned in and touched the tip of her tongue to Angel’s slit.  Angel moaned and wiggled her ass.  Gina inhaled the smell again.  She stuck her tongue out again and, this time, she licked straight up Angel’s slit.  She tasted so good.  She couldn’t hold back anymore.  She plunged in and licked her sweet little pussy.  Sliding one finger at time into Angel’s pussy until her whole hand was inside; she sucked on Angel’s clit.  Angel was writhing and moaning.  Gina pulled her hand out a little bit and shoved it back in and watched as Angel arched her back.  She did it again but this time her thumb stabbed into Angel’s asshole.  Angel screamed.

“Oh my God!  I’m so sorry,” said Gina pulling her hand out of Angel’s pussy.

Angel opened her eyes and looked at Gina.

“Don’t be, it felt good.  I was almost ready to cum,” replied Angel as she reached down to rub her clit.

“Please, keep going.  I’m almost there,” begged Angel. 

Gina leaned into Angel’s pussy and licked her again.  This time she made sure that she turned her hand upwards so as to not touch Angel’s asshole.  She couldn’t believe that her thumb touched her asshole like that.  But, Angel seemed to like it.  She would just get Angel off and be done with it.  She didn’t want to touch her asshole again.  She sucked on Angel’s clit furiously as she pumped her hand in and out of Angel’s pussy.  Gina had to admit that she was all hot and bothered herself.  She dug her feet into the bed and pushed herself up and down as she sucked Angel’s pussy.  The friction of her pussy rubbing up and down on the bed was getting her wet.  She pushed herself up and down faster.  She sucked faster.  She pumped her hand in and out faster until her hand was cramping.  She was ready to cum again.  She felt so dirty doing it but she couldn’t stop.  It felt too good.  With one last suck on Angel’s clit, Angel let out a scream and tightened her ass muscles.  Angel’s pussy clenched down so hard on Gina’s hand and began pulsating around it. 

Angel let out a long sigh and reached down for Gina.  Gina crawled up next to her and collapsed by Angel’s side.  They both lay there panting next to each other.

“Wow, that was amazing,” said Angel.  “Thanks.”

“No, thank you.  I’ve never done that before.  I can’t believe it felt so good.”

“Well, at least we got to do this before we left for college,” said Angel giggling.

“You aren’t going to tell anyone are you,” asked Gina.

“Of course not,” replied Angel.  “It’ll be our little secret.”

“Thanks.  I don’t want people thinking that we’re lesbians or anything,” said Gina blushing.

That was the first and only time that Gina had been with a woman.  She was so embarrassed by it that she had never told anyone.  But, she thought about it often.  She fantasized about fucking every beautiful woman that she saw.  She dated frequently but never found a man that could satisfy her like Angel had.  That is, until Max came along.


Max and Gina had been working together at the coffee shop near the college they both attended.  They had been dating for only a month.  It was a year after her night with Angel.  Gina fell in love with him the night that they had sex for the first time.  The last customer had left for the night and they were closing up the coffee shop.  Max locked the door and grabbed Gina by the waist.  Bringing her to him, he gave her a passionate kiss.  His tongue slipped between her lips and she sucked on his tongue.  She could feel Max’s cock growing.  Her pussy was getting wetter by the second.  Max went to unbutton her shirt when she stopped him.

“We can’t do it here,” she exclaimed.

“Why not,” asked Max pulling her into him.

“Somebody will walk by and see us,” she replied.

“Fine, we’ll go in the kitchen,” he said as he spun her around and ground his cock into her ass. 

With both hands she reached behind him and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand.  She gyrated her ass against him as he brought his hands around to squeeze her breasts.  He was so hot and horny that he thought he was going to cum in his jeans.  He started walking toward the kitchen with Gina in front of him.  She released her grip from his ass and walked toward the kitchen, Max in tow. 

As soon as they entered the kitchen Max pulled her to him and kissed her.  His hands roamed down her back and to her ass.  Gina wrapped her arms around him.  She felt like she was floating on air.  Max lifted her up and placed her on the kitchen counter.  Gina leaned back placing her hands on either side of her for support.  Max rubbed Gina’s thighs and pushed her uniform dress up to expose her pussy.  She wasn’t wearing any panties.  He couldn’t believe what a beautiful red mound she had.  He spread her legs to see her wet pinkness.  Getting to his knees, he leaned in and licked her slit.  Sliding a finger into her sweet pussy, Max continued to lick her clit.  Gina unzipped her uniform dress and caressed her breasts.  Max’s finger was sliding in and out of her pussy so fast and he was sucking on her clit.  Most guys only licked her clit. 

Gina caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples.  She ran her hand through Max’s blonde hair.  Grabbing a handful of his hair she held his face to her pussy while he sucked away at her.  His tongue was doing things to her that only one person had ever done before.  Angel.  Gina couldn’t believe that she was thinking about Angel right now.  But, the way that Max was going down on her reminded her of what Angel had done to her that night.  Images of Angel’s tongue licking and sucking her clit made her even hornier.  She could smell her own juiced now.  It was intoxicating.  All she could picture was Angel’s sweet pussy right there in front of her face as she licked away at it.  With the way Max was sucking her clit and fingering her hot pussy, she couldn’t take it anymore.   Gina leaned her head back and pinched her nipples harder.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” she screamed.

Her ass cheeks tightened and she stretched her legs out straight.  Max growled into her pussy and shook his head from side to side as he sucked on her clit harder.  Gina’s pussy felt like it was going to explode.  She lifted her ass up and ground her pussy into his face.  The orgasm that she had been waiting for since Angel had finally found her.  A wave of pleasure exploded like a million fireworks bursting in the air. 

“Ah, ah, yeah,” she screamed.  She let out one last, long, moaning “ah” and melted onto the counter.

Max pulled his finger out of her pussy and licked her dripping slit.  She jumped and pushed his head away. 

“No more,” she panted.

“Will you go down on me,” Max questioned.

“I would love to have your cock in my mouth,” she said with a grin.

Max looked up at her and smiled.  He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to him.   Their lips met in a frantic tongue lashing.  His hands were all over her body.  And hers were all over him.  Max guided her over to the table by the sink and pulled out a chair.  He unzipped his jeans and pushed them down to his ankles.  Gina took his long, hard cock in her hands and stroked it up and down.  He sat in the chair as she knelt down in front of him.  Her long red hair cascaded over his legs.  She opened her mouth and closed it over the tip of his cock.  The hot, wet feeling of her mouth almost made him cum right then and there.  He grabbed a handful of her hair in each hand.  He began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.  She was so beautiful.  Her mouth felt so good on his cock.  With one hand pumping the base of his cock, her mouth sucked away at him.  All he could think about was fucking her up the ass. 

Max pushed her hair to the side and held it with one hand.  He wanted to watch her go down on him.  Her head bobbed up and down.  She slowed down a bit and began massaging his balls in her other hand.  Every time her mouth came back up to the tip of his cock, she sucked harder and then shoved her mouth back down his shaft.  His eyes rolled in his head.  He was ready to cum.  But, he wanted to fuck her.

“Stop,” he gasped as he held her head in place.  She looked up at him and removed her mouth from his cock.

“I want to fuck you,” he growled. 

They both stood up and he turned her around and bent her over the table.  She lifted her dress up to her waist.  Her ass was so beautiful.  Max bent over and placed kisses all over her ass. 

“Hurry,” said Gina wiggling her ass at him.

Max put his cock in his hand and stroked it.  He grabbed her hips and placed his cock in between her ass cheeks.  It was a bit dry so he slid his cock between her dripping wet pussy lips.  Gina moaned and thrust her ass towards him.  He thrust his hard cock between her lips again and then brought it to her ass.  He pumped his cock in between her ass cheeks.  Then, holding his cock with one hand, he aimed the tip of it right at her asshole.  The second he touched her asshole and pushed a little bit, she jumped.

“I think you’ve got the wrong hole,” she said.

Max took that as a sign that he wasn’t going to fuck her pretty little asshole tonight.  He pushed her ass cheeks open and slid the head of his cock into her wet hole.  Holding her hips, he pulled her onto his cock.  Gina threw her head back and moaned.  The hair that cascaded down her back looked like it was on fire.  He reached for her hair and wrapped his hand in it.  With a handful of hair in one hand and her hip in the other, he thrust his cock in and out of her.  He pulled her hair with each inward thrust of his cock.  She screamed and slammed her ass into him.  He pumped harder and faster until he was ready to explode.   He wanted to stick his finger in her ass.  It always felt so good on his cock when he rubbed his finger around in someone’s ass.  He could feel it on his cock and it made his orgasm more intense. 

He kept shoving his cock into her.  He massaged her asshole with his thumb.

“Oh, ya, that’s it,” she moaned.

He switched to his little finger and tried to push it into her asshole.

“Ow, that hurts,” she cried.

He decided not to force her.  He didn’t want to hurt her.  He loved her.  He pulled her closer to him and reached around in front of her.  He was ready to cum.  He couldn’t hold back anymore.  Her ass was so fucking hot.  But, he wanted her to cum too.  So, he started rubbing her clit while he thrust his cock deep inside of her.  His hand worked fast on her clit while he slammed his cock hard and deep inside of her.  She was so wet and her pussy was clenching his cock so hard.  Her pussy was pulsating.  He couldn’t hold back anymore. 

“I’m gonna cum,” he moaned. 

“Me too,” she panted.

Max grabbed her by her hips and slammed her ass into him.  He squeezed her ass cheeks together and with a final thrust he exploded inside of her.  Gina let out a scream and ground her ass in a circle against him.

Gina and Max were married a year later.  Now, at the age of 26, Gina was the happiest that she had ever been.  She and Max had a wonderful apartment and great jobs.  With a bachelor’s degree in   journalism, Gina was a freelance writer for Bliss magazine.  Max was the manager of The Exotic Butterfly, an exotic night club.  Gina couldn’t imagine that life could get any better. 

“Babe, I’m leaving for work,” shouted Max.

Max waited by the door for Gina to come say her good-byes.  Gina always gave him a hug and a kiss before he left.  It was something that they had done since they first moved in together six and a half years ago.  Gina got up from her computer desk and wrapped her robe around her.

“I’m coming baby,” Gina yelled back to him.

“That’s what you said last night,” Max chuckled.

“That’s what I say every night,” giggled Gina.

Gina reached up and wrapped her arms around Max’s neck.  Max leaned down and kissed her passionately.  

When their lips parted, he slapped her on the ass and said, “I’ll wake you up when I get home.”

“You’d better,” she said as she opened her robe exposing her naked body.

Max licked his lips and then bent down and took one of Gina’s nipples into his mouth.  Gina moaned and pulled him to her.  She gyrated her hips on his leg.  Max released her nipple and kissed her again.

“Sorry babe, I gotta go,” he said as he pinched her nipple.  “You’ll have to take care of yourself.”

“Damn it, why do you do that to me?”

“Cuz I want you to be ready for me when I get home,” he said.

“I’m always ready for you,” she said with a sly grin on her face.

“Remember, think about what you want for Christmas,” said Max.

“All I want is you baby,” Gina said as she smacked his ass.

“I love you,” Max said giving her a quick kiss.

“I love you more,” she replied.

As soon as Max was out the door, Gina headed straight for the bedroom.  He did that to her every time he left for work.  He was so handsome with his blonde spiked hair and azure blue eyes.  His face was sculpted like a Greek god and his body was rock hard just like his dick would be later tonight.  The thought of his hard dick made her pussy ache.  She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to get any work done until she took care of herself.  She slid her robe off her shoulders as she walked to the nightstand on Max’s side of the bed.  She opened the top drawer and flipped through the magazines.  Playboy would do just fine.

Gina went to her dresser and lit a few candles.  It was two weeks before Christmas so all her candles were either pumpkin and spice or apples and cinnamon scented.  Opening her top dresser drawer she eyed the plethora of toys before her.  She thought about her Max Vibrating Cock and balls vibrator.  This bad boy is big and very life like.  It’s seven inches long and two and half inches in diameter with a suction cup on the bottom.  It’s perfect to suction to a chair when she’s in the mood to straddle fuck something.  But, she would be straddle fucking her own Max cock later tonight when he came from work.  Instead, she chose her pink and silver Rabbit Vibrator with a clitoral stimulator.  That would do the job for now. 

Gina tossed the magazine on the bed and lay down next to it.  She spread her legs wide and rubbed the Rabbit vibrator along her pussy lips before turning it on.  She grabbed the magazine and opened it up.  The women in this magazine turned her on.  They were so beautiful with their shapely bodies and luscious tits.  She slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy slowly as she scanned the pages of lovely naked bodies.  She was getting more aroused with each woman she saw.  One was sexier than the next.  Gina wiggled her ass from side to side on the velvety soft bedspread.    Propping the magazine on her pillow, she got on her knees facing the headboard.  With her left hand, she ran her hand through her hair.  She traced her curves down her neck to her size 36C left breast.  She kept hearing Max’s voice in her head.  The rabbit vibrator in her pussy was pulsating.  She pushed the vibrator as deep into her hot pussy as it would go.  The clitoral stimulator on the vibrator was driving her mad. She rocked back and forth on her knees.  As she flipped the page of the magazine, she stopped moving.  There in all her glory was the centerfold.  Those curves, those breasts, and that long raven hair.  Memories of that night came flooding back.  She hadn’t thought about Angel in quite some time.  Seeing Angel spread eagle in the center of Playboy made her so hot.  She rubbed her finger over Angel’s pussy.  Oh how she wanted her again.  She couldn’t believe, after all these years, she was seeing her for the first time in Playboy magazine. 

Gina lay down on the bed on her belly, the vibrator driving her mad.  She licked the picture of Angel’s pussy as she caressed her own breast and pinched her nipple.  She placed a kiss on Angel’s lips and traced her tongue down the page to Angel’s pussy again.  Gina remembered how Angel’s pussy tasted.  She pumped her ass up and down into the bed as she continued to lick Angel’s pussy.  A wave of pleasure shot through her body.  Her clit was so hard.  She clenched her ass cheeks together.  Her legs stretched out straight and tight.  Her pussy started contracting.  Gina fell face first into the magazine as she ground her ass into the bed.  A sea of thoughts went through her mind as she climaxed.  Would she ever see Angel again?  Gina fell asleep on her tummy with her juices dripping into the maroon silk sheets.  She couldn’t wait until Max got home and woke her up.


The Exotic Butterfly had become Gina’s home away from home.  It’s not because she didn’t trust Max to be around all those beautiful women.  It was because she couldn’t control her urges to look at other women.  She thought that if she was looking at them at the club and masturbating in the bathroom then she wouldn’t act on her urges and cheat on Max. 

With each visit, she usually frequented the bathroom several times.  She was too embarrassed to visit the Ladies Lounge or Voyeur Rooms.  So, she settled for the bathroom stall.  She remembered to put her feminine hygiene wipes in her purse this time.  She would most likely need them after multiple masturbations.

The club was dimly lit.  Everything was a sea of red velvet, from the red velvet wall paper to the red velvet booths and chairs.  The carpet in the main room was red and black checked.  The lights along the wall glowed like the club was on fire which only added to the erotic atmosphere.  In the center of the main room was a long oval bar lined with sixty stools.  The main stage was to the right of the bar.  It was a semi-circle that sported a bar top around the outer edge.  The stage floor was made of hard wood the color of golden honey and came equipped with two stripper poles.  The layer of polyurethane over the hard wood floor contained specks of gold glitter that made the stage sparkle.  There were other rooms off to the left of the bar that led to more stages, a dance room and a dining room with a separate entrance.  Each stage room had its own bathroom.  Most people that frequented the dining room were couples that went there solely for a romantic dinner.   But, other couples would enjoy their romantic dinner and then share an erotic night watching the dancers or visiting the Voyeur Rooms.  The doorway to the back of the main room was for VIP members only.  That doorway led to the Voyeur Rooms, the Ladies Lounge, the locker rooms for the staff and the personnel offices.

The Ladies Lounge was off to the right as soon as you walked through the VIP doorway.  When you walked into the room, there were chaise lounges and chairs and tables where the ladies could socialize.  Towards the back of the room was a long row of twelve doors. That was the Ladies Voyeur Rooms.  Each door opened up into a small booth.  Each booth was five feet wide by five feet long.  There was a two way mirror with a view of a private stage the same size.  On the other side of the glass, the mirror side, was a stage that contained either a lounge chair or a bed.  The Ladies Voyeur booths had a special chair in the center.  It was a red leather reclining chair with two holes in the seat.  The armrests of the chair had controls on them.  The right armrest controlled the vibrator that would come up out of the center of the chair.  You could control how deep and how fast the vibrator worked you over by the controls on the right armrest.  The left armrest controlled an anal vibrator.  With the controls on the left armrest, you could control how deep and fast the anal vibrator probed your asshole.  You could also pump it up if you were more experienced with anal stimulation.  There were adjustable stirrups if you wanted to use them.  There was a long wait for these rooms.  The ladies just loved them.  There was an hour wait in between each session so that the chairs could be sterilized.  So, some of the ladies would pass the time in the lounge, the men’s Voyeur Rooms, or at one of the many stage bars in the club.

Gina usually stayed in the main room.  That’s where Max bartended.  As she walked to the bar, she could see that the place was starting to get busy.  It was only eight o’clock on a Wednesday night.  She leaned her breasts on the bar and waited for Max to come over to her.

“Hey sexy,” said Max from behind the bar.

“Hey handsome,” she replied with a devilish grin.

“Do you want a beer or a mixed drink,” he asked.

“I’ll stick with beer tonight.”

Max went over to the cooler and bent down to get her beer.  Her eyes stayed glued to his ass.  She had just masturbated at home before she came to the club.  Why the hell was she still so horny?  Sometimes, she wished that Max could stay home and fuck her all day every day.  Max brought her beer and placed it on the bar in front of her.

“You know, you can visit the Voyeur Room if you need to,” he said with a grin on his face.

“I don’t know Max.  I’d feel kind of weird.  Almost like I’m cheating on you,” she replied.

“Don’t be silly Gina.  You’re only watching.  You’re not doing anything with anyone.”

“Ya, I guess.  But, Honey and I are gonna go dancing when she gets done her shift,” she said and leaned over the bar and gave him a kiss.

“Oh, speaking of Honey… she told me to tell you that she went to get changed and she’ll be right out,” he said.

“Oh okay.  I guess I just wait for her here then.”

Gina pulled out a stool and sat down.  Gina sipped her beer and watched Max as he continued down the bar waiting on the customers.  The music was mostly hip-hop tonight.  It was the kind of music that makes you move.  Gina danced in her chair as she waited for Honey.  She’d gotten to know Honey quite well over the past year.  Not only was she a great dancer, she also had great taste in clothes.  That’s why she brought Honey with her most of the time when she went shopping.  Honey came out of the employee’s lounge and looked around.  Gina spotted her in the doorway and waved to her.  Honey was clad in a shiny copper colored swag top that showed a lot of cleavage.  Gina wondered if her breasts would fall out if she bent over.  Honey’s skirt was a black leather mini skirt that just barely covered her ass showed her long muscular legs.  Her short blonde hair was pinned up on the sides and sparkled when the lights hit it.  Honey loved to wear sparkle hair spray.

“There you are girl,” said Honey in her southern accent.

Honey had moved from Oklahoma when she was eighteen.  She had wanted to be a dealer in a casino.  That’s why she had come to Las Vegas.  But, with her plus size breasts, the owner of the Exotic Butterfly had offered her a job as a dancer.  She made so much money dancing that she never left. 

“Hey, are you ready or do you want a drink first,” asked Gina.

“I have an idea,” said Honey.  “Why don’t we just stay here?”

“Yeah, I guess we could do that,” said Gina.

“Great!  Let me get a drink and we’ll go back to the Dance Room,” said Honey.

Gina wanted to let Max know that she was staying.  But, he was too busy.  Honey grabbed her drink and they went to the Dance Room.  The colorful lights and the fast paced music made Gina want to shake her ass.  Honey found a table in the back and sat down.

“I need to rest a bit before I get up and dance,” said Honey.

“I don’t blame you,” replied Gina.  “After all, that’s all you’ve been doing tonight.”

The two women sipped their drinks and watched everyone on the dance floor.    A dark skinned very muscular guy was accompanied by a beautiful woman with long black hair.  They seemed to be made for each other.  They moved perfectly together.   Gina watched as the woman gyrated her ass into his groin.  Each time the woman leaned forward, Gina could see her pert breasts as the gold lame top hung down.  She could tell that the guy was horny.  His hands had a firm grip on the woman’s hips as he ground his cock into her ass.  Just watching them made her pussy wet.  Gina wiggled her ass in her chair and looked over at Honey.  Honey flashed her a smile.

“Damn, I think someone is gonna have to visit the Voyeur Rooms,” laughed Honey.

“Most likely,” Gina giggled.  She could just picture the couple in one of the Voyeur Rooms.  She could see his dark skin dripping with sweat as he fucked the raven haired beauty from behind while she was on the other side of the glass watching them.  Gina imagined herself sitting in the Voyeur chair with a vibrator up her pussy and her feet in the stirrups watching each thrust.  She pictured him slowly pulling his cock out of the beautiful woman’s pussy and then slamming it back into her dripping pussy over and over again until they all came.

“Have you ever used the Voyeur Rooms,” Honey asked Gina bringing her out of her fantasy.

“Oh my God, no!”

“Why not.  That’s what they’re there for sugar,” said Honey patting Gina’s thigh.

“I know, but I don’t know if I can,” Gina replied.  “Max told me that I can use the Voyeur Rooms.”

“Then do it.  Trust me, you won’t regret it,” Honey said raising one eyebrow.

Gina’s thoughts went back to the Voyeur Room multiple times during the night.  When she wasn’t fantasizing about the Voyeur Room, she and Honey spent the rest of the night chatting and dancing. She always had so much fun with Honey.  Gina tipped the bottle to her lips and finished her fifth beer.  She was starting to feel a buzz.  She excused herself and headed to the bathroom.  That was the third time that she had gone pee tonight.  She felt like she was going to float away.  Each time she visited the bathroom, she would rub her clit so fast that she would cum right away.  She didn’t want Honey to suspect anything.  When she was by herself, she spent more time pleasuring herself.

As she went back to her table, a familiar tune came on; Honey jumped up and grabbed Gina by the hand. 

“This is my favorite song,” yelled Honey.

Gina followed Honey to the dance floor.  The song Baby Got Back was playing.  She had to admit that she loved that song too.  After all, she did have quite a nice booty.  Gina and Honey shook their asses in time with the music.  Honey grabbed Gina by the waist and began grinding on Gina’s leg.  Gina smiled and followed her lead.  They always danced like that.  Gina loved dancing with her.  Honey’s breasts were so large that they rubbed against Gina’s and it made her wet down there.  She wasn’t going to tell Honey that though.  With everything that she had to drink tonight, she was getting hornier by the minute.   Honey untangled her legs from Gina’s and stepped behind her.  Gina was shocked when Honey grabbed her waist and bent her forward a little bit.  Honey’s tits were too big for her to reach Gina’s ass without Gina bending over.   Honey began grinding her pussy into Gina’s ass.  Gina ground her ass right back.  With a beer in one hand and the other on Honey’s ass, Gina ground her ass into Honey’s pussy until the song was done.  Gina was too excited to take anymore.  She knew that she had to excuse herself.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Gina panted.

“Me too,” replied Honey.

Gina grabbed her purse from her chair and headed for the bathroom.  She would have to use her fingers to get herself off quietly.  There was no way she could use her vibrator now that Honey was joining her in the bathroom.  Gina opened the door to the last stall and walked in.  She turned around to shut the door and Honey was right behind her. 

“Oh hi,” said Gina.

“Whoo, damn I’m hot,” said Honey fanning herself with her hand. 

Gina really didn’t have to pee.  She was only in there for one reason.  She’d have to try and force herself to pee.  Gina grabbed a toilet cover from the dispenser and positioned it on the toilet seat.  Honey looked at that sweet ass and released her large breasts from her top.  Just as Gina was going to turn around, she felt a hand on her ass.  She froze.  Honey slid a finger between her pussy lips.  She was so wet that Honey’s finger slid right into her hot little pussy.

“Ah,” moaned Gina.

Honey slid another finger inside her and slid them in and out while rubbing Gina’s ass.

“I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I met you,” purred Honey.

Gina spread her legs and allowed Honey to stick the rest of her fingers in her pussy.  She squeezed her pussy around Honey’s fingers.  As Honey knelt down, Gina could feel Honey’s naked nipples run down the back of her legs.  Honey pulled her fingers out and plunged her face into Gina’s pussy.  As Honey plunged her stiff tongue in and out of Gina’s pussy, she rubbed Gina’s asshole. A shiver ran down Gina’s back.  Honey slid her hand back into Gina’s pussy.  Then, she felt Honey’s tongue swish back and forth her asshole.  Honey pumped her hand in and out of Gina’s pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. 

“Stop,” said Gina as she pulled away from Honey’s hand and stood up. 

“What’s a matter darlin’?  You didn’t like it,” asked Honey licking the wetness off her fingers.

“I- I just can’t.  It’s-- not fair-- to Max,” Gina replied breathlessly.

Honey reached for Gina’s face.  Gina’s heart was pounding so fast.  She inhaled the smell of her own juices on Honey’s face.  Honey’s tongue slid into her mouth as her fingers rubbed Gina’s wet pussy.  Gina moaned.

“Please don’t,” panted Gina.

“I’m sorry.  I just want you so bad,” moaned Honey.

“It’s not that I didn’t like it,” said Gina.  “I did like it.”

“Well, we can both get off.  Why don’t you visit Voyeur Room number one and cum watch me,” said Honey rubbing her own pussy.

“I- I can’t Honey.”

“Yes you can,” said Honey as she licked Gina’s lips and slid her hand between Gina’s pussy lips.   “Max said you could.”

“Ah, ok,” said Gina pushing her pussy toward Honey.

“I knew you couldn’t resist,” said Honey smiling.  “I’ll be on Voyeur stage one.”

“Okay,” replied Gina licking her lips.  She could still taste her own juices from Honey’s kiss.

Gina watched as Honey walked out of the bathroom.  She needed to pull herself together.  She walked to the mirror and adjusted her skirt and blouse.  Taking a deep breath, Gina walked out of the bathroom and looked around.  She couldn’t see Max from the bathroom door.  She looked toward the Ladies Lounge, inhaled, and let out a deep breath.  Gina knew that she wasn’t going to be able to get through the rest of the night unless she got off.  As she approached the lounge, she looked back to see if Max was looking.  He had his back turned to her waiting on the same dark skinned man that she had seen on the dance floor.  If she didn’t do this now then she never would.  Gina opened the door to Voyeur Room #1.  The lights were low like candle light.  She looked at the glass and the lights came on in the room on the other side.  Honey entered wearing a silky black robe and fluffy red high heels.  She shut the door and strutted over to the glass.  Honey couldn’t see Gina.  All she saw was herself.  But, she walked over to the mirror where Gina would be on the other side and kissed the mirror leaving behind a red lipstick stain.

Gina locked the door and hurriedly removed her clothes and dropped them in a pile on the floor.  Honey performed a strip tease with what little clothing that she had on and straddled the lounge chair.  Gina was already wet looking at Honey’s luscious breasts.  Pulling out a huge suction cupped dildo from the nightstand, Honey stuck it to the chair and straddled it.  That gave Gina an idea.  She adjusted the controls for the vibrating chair until she had the right one.  The vibrator rose up out of the chair and started vibrating.  Gina wanted to match Honey’s movements.  As Honey straddled the dildo, Gina straddled the vibrator.  Slowly, inching the dildo into her wet pussy, Honey slid down on the thick member.  Gina mimicked her and felt the vibrations inside her.  Honey rose up and down on the dildo slowly.  As she quickened her pace, Gina did too.  Gina was so horny.  She wanted to cum. 

Honey rose and pulled her pussy from the dildo.  She reached for the nightstand and pulled out a small chain.  On each end were clips.  Clipping them to her nipples, Honey straddled the dildo again.  She bounced up and down on it.  The chain attached to the nipple clips bounced up and down as Honey fucked the dildo.  Gina’s legs were getting tired.  She sunk down into the chair with the vibrator deep in her pussy her pussy clenching and releasing the thickness of the vibrator.

Gina thought that Honey was going to cum.  But, the door opened and Honey rose off the dildo.  A beautiful young woman wearing a leather one piece, fish net stockings, spike heels and a leather cap walked over to Honey.  The woman had a riding whip in her hand.  Gina was getting even more excited.  The woman reached for Honey’s nipples and pinched them.  Honey’s mouth opened and her head fell back.  The woman smacked Honey’s ass with the whip. She pointed to the dildo and Honey walked over and removed it from the chair.  She handed it to the woman, turned around and bent over.  The woman smacked Honey’s ass again several times.  Gina let her hand caress her breasts as she watched intently, the vibrator working her over pretty good.  She looked down at her pussy and began rubbing her clit.  When she looked back up, the woman was putting on a strap-on dildo.  Honey received another slap on her ass.  The long marks on her ass were dark red.  Her lips went over the tip of the dildo as the woman in leather grabbed Honey by the nape of the neck and thrust her hips forward.  The dildo rammed into Honey’s mouth and the woman smacked Honey’s ass again.  With that, Honey’s hand went for the woman’s pussy.  Gina could see her whole hand disappear as the face of the other woman contorted.  Her eyes closed and her legs wobbled.  Gina wasn’t sure that she could hold back anymore.  She wanted to be the one in there enjoying herself.  Instead, she had to settle for the vibrator up her aching pussy. 

She was close to cumming.  Honey received another smack on her ass and pulled her hand out of the woman’s wet pussy.  The woman pulled Honey by her hair to a standing position.  Gina saw the woman saying something to Honey.  Honey nodded her head, turned around and bent over the chair.  As the woman in leather grabbed Honey’s hips, she guided the dildo into Honey’s hot pussy.  She thrust in and out of her.  With each inward thrust, the woman smacked Honey’s ass with the whip.  With her other hand, the woman scratched her finger nails down Honey’s back.  Honey threw her head back licking her lips.  The woman took the end of the whip and placed it to Honey’s asshole.  As she scratched down Honey’s back again, she inched the whip into Honey’s asshole.  Red marks streaked down Honey’s back and across her ass.  The whip wiggled around in Honey’s ass as she got fucked up the pussy by the woman’s dildo.  Honey’s back arched.  The woman removed the whip from Honey’s ass and smacked her with it.  Honey jumped and collapsed over the chair.  Gina couldn’t hold back anymore.  She rubbed her clit from side to side until she exploded into a climactic frenzy, her ass muscles clenched as she came.  Her juices dripping onto the chair.  Gina was spent and very satisfied.  She’d have to do that more often.

Gina and Max had agreed on a “no surprises” pact when he started working at the Exotic Butterfly six years ago.  “No surprises” meant that when the club hires a new female employee Max would call her so she can come to the club and check out the new girl.  This way, she’s never surprised if someone tells her that there’s a new girl at the club.  And, she never has to worry what’s going on down there when she’s not around.

She wasn’t expecting a call from Max until ten o’clock.  That’s what time he usually calls her before she goes to bed.  But, tonight, he called at seven to tell her that there was a new girl for the Voyeur Room that she should come check out. 

They always start the girls off as a waitress first to see if they fit in with the club atmosphere.   When she hung up the phone she gathered her purse and keys and went out to Victoria Secret to buy a new sexy dress. 

The one she chose was a short black dress that clung to her breast and full hips.  It was low cut and perfectly showed the cleavage of her voluptuous size 38C breasts.  She went back to the apartment and changed into the dress, fixed her hair and applied her makeup.  She made sure to leave her panties at home.  She got so horny every time she went to The Exotic Butterfly.  It was just much easier and quicker to masturbate in the bathroom without having to worry about her panties. 

Her cleavage was very visible in her new low-cut black dress.  Max loved it when she bought a new sexy dress on their “no secrets” nights.  She had a knack for picking out the sexiest, shortest dresses.  Her long, curly red hair cascaded down her shoulders and across the bar.  Between the wisps of hair hanging down, he could see that her breasts were pouring out of that dress. 

Max smiled at her and asked, “The usual ma’am?”  On “no surprises” night, they always pretended that they weren’t married.  It made Gina feel better.  This way she could tell how the new dancer would act around Max. 

“Yes please,” she said as she flipped her hair off her shoulders exposing her luscious cleavage. God, he wished that he could suck her nipples right now. 

Max made her a Drunken Monkey which consisted of peach schnapps, parrot bay, 99 bananas, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of 7UP.  She called this her happy juice.  It always made her feel so much more daring.  She only drank them when she was out with Max.  But, he knew she needed a bit of courage once she laid her beautiful green eyes on Angel.  He put a straw in her drink and placed it in front of her, nonchalantly grazing her right breast.  She inhaled deeply and caressed the exposed flesh just above her cleavage.  She took her drink and said, “just put it on my tab,” then turned and walked away.  Max was turned on.  He had to think of something else to help his erection go down or he’d never get through the night. 

Gina went over to the main stage and sat down.  She chose a stool on the right side of the bar with her back to the main entrance.  The announcer was introducing the first girl of the night.  She watched the first two dancers.  They were okay but nothing spectacular.  Gina finished her drink and was getting ready to go to the bar when the waitress came over and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Angel and I'll be your waitress to-.”  Angel stopped in mid sentence.  She couldn’t believe who she was seeing.

“Gina,” Angel screamed. 

Gina looked at her and she flashed back to the night that they shared together.  It had been ten years since that had happened.  Angel flashed a smile and propped her ass on the bar and leaned toward Gina.  Her breasts were full and round and her hair was longer with more red tones than she had remembered.  Her almond shaped eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue.  Angel’s long, wavy hair caressed Gina's arm as she leaned closer to Gina and hugged her. 

“Angel, how are you,” asked Gina.

“I’m fantastic.  God, I’ve missed you so much,” Angel said.  “So, what’ll you have?”

"Uh-I'll- Uh have a Drunken Monkey," stammered Gina.  She could feel her face flush. 

"Good choice," said Angel as she patted Gina's knee.  “Maybe we can get together later,” Angel said with a wink.

Angel wiggled her heart-shaped ass over to the bar and waited for Gina's drink.  Gina looked back at the stage to clear the thoughts she was having about Angel.  The announcer came out on the stage and introduced Honey who was everyone's favorite dancer.  Honey was a beautiful blonde bombshell.  She sauntered from behind the stage curtain wearing shiny red pasties over her 38DD breasts with long tassels, matching thongs and garter belt on her left leg.  Gina's legs opened slightly of their own accord.  Angel came back with Gina's drink.  She bent down and placed it in front of her.

"She's hot isn't she," asked Angel.  She leaned on the bar with her left hand and looked at Gina.

"She's beautiful," replied Gina blushing.

Gina accidentally looked at Angel's breasts and then quickly looked at the floor.  A smile spread across Angel's face.  As she stood up, her tray fell to the floor.  Angel gave a fake surprised look and bent down to get the tray.  Squatting down, with her legs spread out instead of in a lady like position, she grabbed the tray and stole a peek at Gina's neatly trimmed pussy.  Angel looked at Gina, smiled and blew on Gina's pussy.  Gina's breathe caught in her throat.

Angel looked Gina in the eyes.

"I wish that I could taste that pussy again," Angel whispered slowly licking her top lip. 

Angel placed a hand on Gina's leg to assist her in standing up.  As she stood up, Angel's hand slid up Gina's thigh.  Gina took a deep breath and closed her legs.  She never thought that she would see Angel again.  Just the thought of Angel between her thighs made her wet.  She watched as Angel sauntered around the room taking drink orders.  She brought her drink to her mouth and sucked hard on the straw, imaging that it was Angel’s nipple in her mouth.  She drank down almost half of it before setting it back down.  Gina tried to shake off the feelings stirring within her.

She watched as Honey performed her seductive dance and bounced her huge breasts around.  The tassels spun so gracefully.  Gina was amazed that Honey could do this with such large breasts.  It was kind of exciting.  As she finished her drink, she swayed in her seat to the music grinding her pussy on the stool. 

Angel had been watching Gina and knew when she needed a drink.  She bent down next to Gina and asked her if she would like a refill on her drink.  All Gina could do was nod.  Angel reached for Gina's glass and knocked the straw out of the glass.  The straw rolled along the bar and fell right into Gina's lap.  Gina went to get it but Angel got to it before she did.  Angel's hand was right on her crotch.  She grabbed the straw between her thumb and forefinger and spread the rest of her fingers so they slid down Gina's wet pussy.  Holding onto the straw, she worked her finger up and down Gina's slit.  Gina's heart was pounding in her chest.  Gina opened her lips slightly and inhaled deeply as Angel wiggled her little finger over her clit several times.

"Got it," yelled Angel as she stood up proudly holding up the straw.  She placed it on her tray and then put her little finger in her mouth and sucked Gina's juices off.

"Delicious," said Angel.  "I'll be right back with your drink."

Gina closed her lips and adjusted her dress.  Angel had pulled her dress up and her pussy was almost exposed.  Gina settled back in her stool and watched Honey perform.  Honey came close to her and grabbed a hold of the stripper pole.  Honey bent down and picked up a bottle of lubrication that was on the stage.  As she moved her hips from side to side with the music, she poured the lubrication in her cleavage and placed the bottle back on the floor.  Honey took her breasts into her hands and rubbed the oil all over them.  She grabbed the pole and placed a breast on either side of it.  She was right in front of Gina.  Honey slowly slid down the pole, licking it with her tongue as she went.

Gina licked her top lip as she ground her ass on the stool.  She bit her bottom lip and looked over at the bar to find Max.  Max met her look with a smile and a wink.  Max nodded in Honey’s direction and Gina returned her gaze to the erotic blonde on the stage.  Honey’s slippery huge breasts were almost in her face.  Honey was squatting in front of her, with her legs spread wide, bouncing up and down.  Honey’s breasts jiggled right in front of her face and her snatch was so close that Gina could reach out and touch it.  Touching was forbidden at The Exotic Butterfly.  Gina would never have thought of doing that.  But, after the episode with Angel, she was beginning to wonder about herself.  She was more turned on than ever before.  But, she was not a lesbian.  Sure she had sex with Angel.  But, they were just kids.  She hadn’t done that with any other woman since Angel.  Besides, she loved her husband very much and sex with him was wonderful.  She definitely had no complaints in that department.  Well, with the exception that she was horny all the time and could use more sex.  Sometimes she thought that she had the libido of a man.

She was so enamored by the site of Honey’s tits that she didn't realize Angel had brought her a new drink.  As Angel set her drink down in front of her, she felt Angel’s breasts brush against her own. 

"There you go," said Angel.  She held the tray in her right hand right in front of Gina's face.  Angels little finger was almost touching her lips.  She could smell herself on Angel's finger.  She wanted to suck on it so bad. 

She looked up at Angel with lust in her eyes, "Thank you."

Angel smiled and said with a wink, "anytime." 

Angel leaned close to her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll gladly give you more than that.  Can we get together later?”

“Angel, what happened back then was a onetime thing.  I’ve never done that with anyone else.  Besides, I’m married now,” Gina whispered in Angel’s ear.

“Maybe that’s because you only want me,” said Angel licking Gina’s ear.

“I-I can’t,” said Gina.

“I’ve missed you so much,” replied Angel.  “I really want to taste that hot little snatch of yours again.  Maybe your husband would get off on that.”

Angel licked Gina’s ear again and wiggled away to do her job.  Gina couldn’t take it anymore.  She slammed her third drink and headed for the bathroom.  Her pussy was dripping wet.  She knew her pleasure juices were dripping down her leg, she could feel it.  If she didn’t hurry to the bathroom, everyone else would know it too.  Gina walked to the last stall and closed it behind her.  Making sure it was locked securely; she placed her purse on the back of the toilet and pulled out her lipstick vibrator.  With the noise in the club, no-one would hear her vibrator.  Gina pulled her dress up around her waist and sat down on the toilet.  With her left hand she spread her pussy lips apart and rubbed the vibrator over her clit and down her slit with her right hand.  She circled her fingers around in her wet juices and started rubbing her clit.  She placed the vibrator in her mouth and tasted her wonderful juices.  She remembered what Angel’s cunt tasted like.  She grabbed the vibrator with her teeth and twisted the tool to turn it on and then plunged it into her pussy.

Gina couldn’t believe that she Angel was back.  She wanted to lick that sweet little cunt again.  She wanted to suck on her beautiful breasts and grab a hold of that auburn hair.  Gina pulled the left side of her dress to the side and caressed her breast.  The vibrator was driving her crazy.  She knew that she should get back out there so Max didn’t worry.  But, she couldn’t help it.  To help herself cum faster, she pushed her left breast toward her mouth and took her own nipple into her mouth.  She nibbled and sucked on her nipple.  She placed the vibrator directly on her clit.  Between biting her own nipple and her clit being stimulated, she was ready to cum.  Gina spread her legs as far apart as she could manage in that little stall.  She clenched her ass and leg muscles as tightly as she could.  That all too familiar wave of pleasure came over her.  She bit her nipple even harder and came with such force that she almost slid to the floor.  

It took every ounce of strength that she had to stand up.  Her legs were shaking and her breathing was rapid.  She took a feminine hygiene wipe out of her purse, cleaned off her vibrator, placed it back in its convenient little case and tossed the wipe into the trash can.  As she cleaned up her pussy with a new wipe, electric sensations shot through her again.  She leaned against the door and surfed that wave of pleasure again.  Once cleaned up, she managed to walk out of the bathroom without anyone staring at her in shock.  She walked over to the bar and ordered another drink.

Max was grinning from ear to ear.  He knew exactly what she had just done.  But, he didn’t let her know that.  She was always embarrassed about stuff like that. 

“Another drink,” asked Max.

“Yes please,” replied Gina.  Her breathing had almost returned to normal.  Another drink was just what she needed.

"So, what do you think of Angel so far," he asked her.

"I really like her.  She so nice and attentive.  She's really beautiful," said Gina, her voice trembling.

"I think she'll fit in nicely around here don't you," he asked.

"Oh yes, she'll fit in just fine," Gina nodded.  She looked at Angel again and thought of their night together.  How was she ever going to get through this?  There was no way that she could tell Max.  She hoped that Angel wouldn’t tell him either.  She’d have to make sure of that.

"I think I'd better take a cab home after this drink."



Angel watched Gina leave.  

“Man would I love to eat that pussy,” said Angel licking her lips.

Max smiled at Angel.  “You’re a lesbian,” he questioned.

“No, I’m bi,” she said with a grin.  “I love a good cock too.”

Angel slapped him on the ass.  Max got an instant hard on.  No other woman has had that affect on him since he married Gina. 

“Well, maybe I could arrange something with her,” he said with a wink.

“That would be wonderful,” said Angel grinning from ear to ear.  Her pussy was getting wet just thinking about it.

“We could get together in the meantime,” she added.

“I’m happily married,” replied Max.

“Well, I could always show you my act in the Voyeur Room when everyone is gone.  You could get off, we’d both be satisfied and you wouldn’t be cheating,” said Angel shaking her tits at him.

“I’ll be in there at 3 o’clock if you want to watch,” she added as she turned and wiggled away.
After a night like tonight, Max was in desperate need of a release.  Sexual tension built in him all night long.  Between watching women flashing their breasts, shoving bills into his waistband and watching Angel flirt with Gina, his cock was rock hard.  He remembered Angel’s offer.  Max walked to the VIP room and opened up the door to room #1.  It was a small room with one chair placed in front of a glass window.  On the other side of the glass, there was a small stage set at eye level.  Just as he sat down in the chair, the lights on the other side of the glass came on.  Angel was totally naked, her auburn hair spilling over her breasts as she lay back on the red leather lounge chair.  It was long and curved to fit her luscious body just right.  Angel placed a leg on either side of the chair and smiled at him.  Max’s hand slid down his abs to his rock hard cock.  He rubbed the bulge in his tight spandex uniform pants.  Angel took a purple vibrator from the table next to the chair and turned it on.  She ran it over her large, thick nipples as she licked her pouty red lips.  Her left hand slowly went to her pussy and she spread her lips apart.  With her right hand, she traced the vibrator down the length of her long torso down to her clit.  She circled her clit with the vibrator and then plunged it into her dripping wet pussy. 

Max was almost ready to explode.  He slid his hand under his uniform pants and rubbed the length of his cock.  Each up and down motion brought him closer to an orgasm.  Angel slid down in the chair, raised her legs up and placed her pussy right up against the glass.  The vibrator was still inside of her and was buzzing against the glass.  Max could see she was getting off on it.  One hand was squeezing a nipple and the other hand was working her clit in slow circles.  Max thought he heard her moan.

He couldn’t stand it anymore.  He stood up and his eight inch cock bounced out of his pants as he pushed them to the floor.  With his right hand he stroked his cock while he fondled his balls with the other.  Angel rolled over on the chair and stood up.  She bent over and pressed her ass up against the glass, the vibrator still inside her pussy.  She spread her ass cheeks so that he could see that beautiful brown pucker.  She reached around and slid a finger in her ass.  Max was ready to cum.  He licked the glass where her asshole was as he jerked his cock.  Angel leaned forward and removed the vibrator from her pussy.  Max started rubbing his cock on the glass where her cunt and asshole had been.  Angel sat on the edge of the chair with her ass against the glass.  Max was ready to explode.  The sight of Angel’s wide open snatch and inviting asshole almost made him blow his load.  She laid back and lifted her long gorgeous legs in the air and brought them down to her chest.  With her left hand she held onto both legs.  Her right hand had the vibrator in it.  She pulled her ass in the air just long enough to slide the vibrator deep into her asshole.  As soon as she placed her ass back against the glass, Max released a loud moan, tilted his head back and shot his load all over the glass.

This could become a routine if he wasn't careful.  He knew that he could make love to his wife when he got home.  But, there was no way his load was going to last long enough until he got home.  Besides, he would still fuck Gina when he got home. 

Max cleaned himself up with the bar rag and put his pants back on.  Just as he opened the door, Angel was standing there with her robe on. 
“Thanks for the playtime,” she said with a smile.
“No, thank you Angel,” Max said as he patted her ass.
“I’ve got something for you.”
“I can't.  I don't have sex with anyone but my wife,” said Max shaking his head.
“No it’s nothing like that silly,” Angel said as she placed a hand on her hip.
“Here, this was a left over.  I thought that you and your wife would enjoy this.”  Angel handed Max a small anal vibrator. 
“I don’t think that she’ll go for that Angel,” replied Max.
“Oh just take it and surprise her.”
Angel placed the vibrator in Max’s hand and walked into the back.  She was still unaware that Gina was Max's wife.

When he got home, Gina was already in bed, as usual.  Gina heard Max come in.  Her breathing began to increase.  She thought that she was going to be too dry for him.  But, as soon as she heard him come into the bedroom, she instantly got wet.  She pretended to be asleep.  Max loved it when she did that.  She could smell the Yukon on his breath as he crawled into the bed next to her.  He always had a shot of Yukon Jack when he got home from work. 



"You could go in the back and lie down for a while," Max told Gina.  "I'll wake you when I'm done." 

A smile spread across Gina's face.  There was only one way that he woke her up after he was done work.  Just the thought of fucking him in this place got her wet again.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," she said with a wink.  As she walked toward the back, she glanced over her shoulder at Angel.  Angel looked at her and licked her lips.  Gina would definitely have to take care of herself again.  She walked into the employee's lounge and lay down on the couch.

Angel watched Gina go into the employee’s lounge.  She so badly wanted to go after her.  But, being that this was her first week on the job, she figured that she’d better check with Max first.  She went over to Max to talk to him.

“Hey Max, is she okay,” she asked.

“Yeah, she’s fine.  She’s just going to lie down for a while,” he replied not wanting to let on that Gina was his wife.

“Do you mind if I go check on her,” asked Angel winking at Max.

“No, go for it,” he said as he winked back.  His cock was getting hard.  Damn, he needed to go back there with both of them.  But, he had so much cleaning to do.

Gina lay on the couch thinking about Angel.  What the hell was she going to do now that Angel was back?  Her thoughts kept going back to Angel’s pussy.  She let her hand slip under her dress.  Her pussy was wet again.  She slid a finger in as deep as she could and wiggled it around.  She never thought about what she would do if she ever saw Angel again.  The last she knew, Angel had moved to New York.  Who would have thought that she would ever come back to Las Vegas?  Gina started grinding her pussy on her finger.  Taking care of herself wasn’t as good as having sex with someone.  But, Max wouldn’t be done for another five hours.  Gina slid her ass toward the front of the couch and lifted her legs up on the couch.  She rubbed her clit as she pulled her vibrator out of her purse.  She turned it on and rubbed it over her nipple.  She arched her back and let her head fall back on the couch.  She traced her body with the vibrator until it found its way to her clit.  She put it in her pussy and pumped it in and out.  She didn’t realize that Angel had walked in the room.  As she started rubbing her clit, she heard the door shut.

Gina opened her eyes to see Angel standing there with a grin on her face.  Gina pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and turned it off.  She put it in her purse and then pulled her dress back down.  Angel, with her hands behind her back, locked the door.

“Fancy meeting you in a position like that,” said Angel approaching the couch.

“Angel, I told you that can’t do anything with you.  I’m married now. “

“I know, but you want me.  I know you do.  And I want you too,” Angel purred.

“I can’t.  If Max ever found out about us he’d leave me,” Gina said, her voice trembling.

“Max is your husband?”  Angel sat on the floor in front of Gina.
“Yes, and I love him very much.”
“Well, I can see why.  He’s pretty hot.” 
Angel placed a hand on Gina’s knee.  Gina instinctively closed her legs.
“You won’t tell him about us will you?  I couldn’t bear it if he knew.”
“Don’t worry,” said Angel stroking Gina’s leg.  “Your secret is safe with me.”
“Thank you,” Gina said with a sigh of relief.
“You know, for some strange reason, I don’t think that he would mind,” said Angel reaching up to caress Gina’s face.  “I’ve missed you,” she said.
“I’ve missed you too,” replied Gina closing her eyes. 

The touch of Angel’s hand on her face made her tremble.  Angel placed her hand behind Gina’s head and pulled her close.  Gina looked Angel in the eyes and just melted.  How could she resist such a beautiful face?  Angel put her lips on Gina’s, her tongue opening Gina’s mouth.  Gina’s heart started thumping inside her chest.  The taste of Angel’s tongue on hers caused a wave of desire burn through her.  Gina took Angel’s face in her hands and returned the kiss.  Angel slid her hand up Gina’s thigh and rubbed the wet snatch that was searing hot.  Angel slid a finger inside that wet pussy.  Gina moaned with the pleasure that she remembered from ten years ago.  Angel worked another finger inside of Gina’s pussy.  She leaned toward her and kissed Gina.  Remembering where she was, Gina pulled her head away from Angel and pushed her hand away.

“Angel, I’m sorry.  I just can’t do this.” 

Gina closed her legs and pulled her dress down.  With her head in her hands, she started to cry.   Angel wiped her fingers off on the bar rag that hung over her shoulder. 

Reaching up and caressing Gina’s head, she said, “It’s okay Gina.  I’m sorry that I pushed you into this.”

Angel lifted Gina’s chin and made her look her in the eyes.
“I’m sorry.  I won’t do it again.  I’ve just missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too.  But, I love Max,” sobbed Gina.

“I know.  I won’t do it again,” said Angel planting a kiss on Gina’s forehead. 
Angel stood up and walked out of the room leaving Gina sobbing on the couch.  Gina wiped her tears and lay down on the couch. 
“Why does it have to be so difficult,” she thought.
“How can I be in love with two people at once?”

Gina thought about Max and how much she loved him.  They have a wonderful marriage.  Their sex life is amazing.  But, she just couldn’t stop thinking about Angel.    The feelings that stirred inside of her were more than just sexual.  She was truly in love with Angel.  Gina stretched out on the couch.  Thinking about the two of them had made her aroused.  She thought about what it would be like to be with both of them.  She could see Angel and Max making love to her at the same time.  With that thought, her hand slid to her pussy. 

Max was finished cleaning up the bar by the time Angel came back. 
“So, did you do anything,” he asked her.
“Well, I tried.  I was this close,” she said with her thumb and forefinger an inch apart.
“Why don’t you visit Voyeur Room number one.  I’ll take her in there and you can get off watching,” he suggested.
“That sounds like a plan,” Angel replied rubbing her pussy.  “I’m gonna go change out of this uniform first.”

Angel went to the locker room and changed her clothes as Max went back to check on Gina.  He walked into the employee’s lounge to find her on her back with her eyes closed and her dress pulled up around her waist.  Her hand was on her beautiful pink pussy.  A smile spread across his face and his cock started stirring.  He had never fucked her in the club before.  The thought of it made his cock rise even more.  He walked over to the couch and knelt down beside her.  A nipple was peeking out from her dress.  He just couldn’t resist taking it into his mouth.  Gina moaned as she felt the moist heat on her nipple.  Her eyes fluttered open.  Max looked up at her and smiled.  She smiled back and ran a hand through his thick blonde hair.  She pressed his face into her breast and let a moan escape from her throat.  He flicked his tongue back and forth on her nipple and gently bit down on it.  Her back arched and she ground her hand deeper into her pussy.

Max stood up and reached his hand out to her.  She reciprocated and he led her out of the room.

“Where are you taking me,” she asked.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck you in one of the Voyeur Rooms.”
He led her down the back hallway to the Ladies Voyeur Rooms.  As he reached for the door handle, she said, “No way.”
She pulled her hand from his and backed against the wall.  He turned around and put his arms around her waist.  His long, wet kiss made her knees buckle.  His tongue played around in her mouth as he rubbed his hard cock on her pussy.

“Nobody is here baby.  Everyone is gone for the night and I don’t think that I can wait ‘til we get home.” 
He pulled her dress top aside and took her breast into his mouth.  The sensation of him sucking on her breast made her pussy quiver.  Her desire grew so fast that she couldn’t resist.  When he made her feel this good, she would do almost anything for him.

“You’re sure there’s no-one here,” she asked panting.

“Positive,” he mumbled with her breast still in his mouth.
He opened the door and pulled her to him.  He kissed her long and hard.  His tongue probed her mouth as he squeezed her perfect little ass.  With his foot he kicked the door shut and locked it.  He chose this room because it had a bed with a nightstand next to it.  Inside the nightstand were lots of sex toys and lubrication.  He so badly wanted to get to her asshole.  She has always withdrawn from that area of sex.  But, then again he’s never pushed her to do it.

Max reached down and grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it over her head.  She instinctively raised her arms to help him.  Seeing her beautiful breasts and red hair drove him wild.  In the light, her hair looked like it was on fire.  That came from her Celtic heritage.  Her strong sculpted cheek bones were courtesy of her Native American ancestry.  Gina unbuttoned his uniform vest and slid it off his shoulders, caressing his chest along the way.  Max reached for his uniform pants and pushed them down.  His cock bounced out and pointed straight at her full breasts.   She knew that he was rock hard.  But, with the built-in cup in his uniform pants, it was difficult to tell.  Max stepped out of his pants and grabbed her into his arms.  She wrapped her legs around his waist, his cock stiff between her legs.  He knelt on the bed and laid her down across it.

She spread her hair out on the bed behind her head and pulled her knees up.  His tongue found its way to the white flesh of her inner thigh.  As he traced a line down to her pussy, he heard a door shut.  Gina turned her head toward the mirrored window.
“What was that,” she asked.
“It was just the heat coming on baby.  Don’t worry, we’re all alone,” Max said as he stroked her mound of red hair.  As he slipped a finger into her pussy, she began to relax again. 

Angel entered the Voyeur Room and sat down in the chair.  She knew she wouldn’t need any lubrication tonight.  Just the thought of seeing Gina’s pussy again made her wet.  She adjusted the controls for the vibrator and wiggled around as the vibrator rose up out of the chair and found its way inside of her.  She didn’t turn it on yet.  She didn’t want to cum too fast.  She reclined the chair and placed her feet in the stirrups.  She watched as Max got off the bed and pulled Gina to the corner of the bed. 

Max knew that position would provide Angel with a close view of Gina’s pussy.  If Gina knew what was going on she’d be pretty pissed off.  He tried to ignore the fact that Angel was on the other side of the mirror.  He plunged his face into her pussy and licked up and down her slit.  Her moans were intoxicating.  His cock was so hard that he didn’t think he could last much longer.  Max lifted her legs and pushed them towards her.  She grabbed them and brought them to her chest.  Her pussy was so wet and her asshole was pulsating.  Max reached for the nightstand drawer and grabbed a little bottle of lubrication.  He poured some on her pussy and let it drizzle down to her beautiful asshole.  Then he placed some in his right hand and stroked his cock.

Angel turned the vibrator on slow and ran her hand down her flat stomach to her pussy.  She massaged her clit in between her fingers as she watched Max stroke his cock while he rubbed the lubrication into Gina’s pussy.  He let his finger slide down to her asshole and then back up to her pussy.  He slid his thumb into her greased up pussy.  As he pumped his thumb in and out of her, he rubbed her clit with the rest of his hand. 

Angel was getting so aroused.  She wanted him to enter Gina’s asshole.  She knew that he wanted to.  She turned the vibrator speed up a little bit and began to caress her breasts.

Max pulled his thumb out of Gina’s pussy and continued to rub her clit.  He released his cock and reached for her asshole.  While he rubbed her clit with one hand, he started rubbing her asshole with one finger on the other hand.  He applied more pressure on her clit at first.  She was moaning and arching her back.  He knew that she was almost at that point where he could get her to do anything.

“Oh baby, that feels so fucking good,” she growled.
Max looked at the lustful look on Gina’s face.  Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed.  Her head was moving from side to side.  He looked into the mirror where he knew Angel would be sitting.  He smiled and nodded in her direction.  Angel adjusted the anal vibrator so that it was touching her asshole.  She couldn’t wait to see Max put his finger inside Gina’s brown hole.  Angel wiggled her ass in anticipation of knowing that the anal vibrator was ready to penetrate her asshole.  And the thought of seeing Max’s finger enter Gina’s asshole drove her crazy.  She adjusted the vibrator in her pussy to rotate while it vibrated.  She kept her hand off her clit.  She knew that if she didn’t she would cum right away.

Max leaned down and licked Gina’s pussy from the bottom up, stopping to suck her clit.  As he sucked, he wiggled his tongue across her clit.  She was writhing and moaning in pleasure.  Now was the right time.  He kept his tongue stimulating her clit and rubbed her asshole with his little finger.  As Gina arched her back, Max gently pushed his little finger against her asshole.  He got the tip in up to his fingernail bed and stopped. 

Angel pushed the lever for the anal vibrator and felt it slowly slide into her asshole.  She tried to suppress a moan as the sensations shot threw her like a tidal wave.  She came immediately.  She couldn’t stop the wave that flooded over her as she saw Max go deeper into Gina’s lovely little ass.  He had half of his finger in her hot little poop shoot now.  She could hear Gina’s moans now.  She got louder as Max sucked her clit and wiggled his finger in her ass.  Gina’s ass was bouncing up and down on the bed now and her head was flailing from side to side. 
“Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed. 
“That’s my girl,” growled Max as he took his mouth off Gina’s clit.
“I’m gonna cum!”
“That’s what I’ve been waiting for,” said Max as he wiggled his finger around in Gina’s asshole.  He brought Gina to her climax with just a finger in her ass. 

Angel knew that Gina had never experienced that before.  Max had talked to her after she had felt Gina’s pussy tonight.  She told Max that she wanted to lick Gina’s pussy and finger her asshole.  Max had told her that Gina had only let him touch her asshole.  She never let him penetrate it.  So, Angel suggested that he seduce her in the Voyeur Room so she could watch and get off too.  Max quickly agreed.  Angel’s orgasm subsided and she stopped the vibrators without removing them from her holes.  Both holes were still pulsating and she liked the feeling of something up each hole. 

Max gentle pushed his finger down toward the bed and slid it out of Gina’s asshole.
“How was that,” he asked her with a smile.
“That was the most amazing orgasm that I have ever had.  I can’t believe I let you finger my ass,” she replied gasping for breath. 

Max reached for another bottle of lubrication and rubbed it on his cock.  It was still rock hard and he needed to blow his load.  He started stroking his cock with his left hand as he rubbed Gina’s breast.
“Yeah, but it felt good didn’t it?”
“Oh my God, you have no idea.”
“Oh yes I do,” said Max.  He let his cock lay on his stomach.
Gina turned to him with a puzzled look on her face.
“Relax, hun.  Just fingers and anal plugs, no cocks.  I’m not gay,” he replied.  He spread his legs and rubbed from the tip of his cock all the way down to his balls.  There was just enough lubrication for him to rub his asshole.  As his finger rubbed his asshole, Gina smiled at him and took his cock in her hand.  She moved his hand away from his asshole and stroked him as she climbed between his legs.  Her mouth closed over the head of his cock and slid all the way down.  She massaged Max’s asshole with her index finger as she sucked his cock.  She was surprised at how easily her finger slid into his asshole.  She thought that she would be disgusted by doing this.  But, it really turned her on.  Her head bobbed up and down on his cock as her finger went deeper into his asshole.  Max grunted and groaned and rocked his ass back and forth.  She wiggled her finger back and forth just as he had done to her.  Each time Gina’s mouth slid to the top of his dick she sucked harder on the head and the slid his cock down her throat again.  Max was ready to cum.

“Stop,” he said.  I want to fuck you.
Gina stopped sucking his cock and slowly slid her finger out of his ass.
“Roll over,” he demanded.
“No, Max, I can’t take that thing up my ass,” she said, her voice trembling.
“I’m not gonna fuck you up the ass with this thing yet.  I want to fuck you from behind, hurry.”
Gina got on her hands and knees and looked back at Max.  She couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock in her pussy.  Max straddled her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy.  With one hand on her lower back, he rammed his cock into her wet pussy.
“Oh,” screamed Gina.  “Yeah, baby, fuck me hard.”
Max couldn’t talk.  All he could do was moan.  He plunged his cock into her hot little pussy harder and harder until he blew his load.  He collapsed on top of her and rolled to his side holding Gina in front of him.  Meanwhile, Angel removed the vibrators from her holes, got dressed and snuck out.

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