Monday, January 24, 2011


I would like to write an erotic short story about a young witch who falls in love.  Unfortunately, she is too afraid to confront this man and decides to cast a love spell on him.  There are many things that can go wrong in this scenario.  Due to my ingnorance about witchcraft, I implore anyone who knows about witchcraft to contact me so that I won't offend my readers with my ignorance.

You can contact me via email at

I appreciate any information that you can provide and deeply appreciate your time. 

Hugs and blessings,
Emma Russell

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vibrator Envy

Okay, I know that I have entered the vibrator giveaway at Sex Tips, Sex Toys Info & Reviews. But, I just couldn't wait to see if I won. So, I ordered a different one from my store. Don't worry, if I do win, there definitely will NOT be any "vibrator envy." Both vibrators will get their fair share of me!

This is the beauty that I ordered from The Erotic Sugar Shack Adult Store.  It is from Adam and Eve and I can't wait to try it out.  I will definitely let you know what I think of it.  I'll post a pic or two also.

This vibrator is the Adam and Eve CyberSilicone Clit Suction G-vibe.  With it's G-spot shape and clitoral suction, I know that I'll have an orgasmic time with this little beauty.  It's water-proof too!  I guess I'll have to extend my bathtime just a little bit longer once I get it. LOL
If you would like your very own Adam and Eve CyberSilicone Clit Suction G-vibe, you can order it HERE.


If you still haven't entered the vibrator giveaway... head on over to Sex Tips, Sex Toys Info & Reviews and enter for your chance to win the sexy Dual Rose Rabbit Style vibrator (shown at left).

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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My new store The Erotic Sugar Shack Adult Store is a great place to purchase toys, DVD's, books and other adult products for your pleasure.  Compare my prices to other sites.  You'll find that I'm one of the leading sites for great deals.

One of my favorites is the realistic looking Max Vibrating Cock and Balls vibrator.

This is a finely detailed life-like Futurotic dong with an impressive 2 inch girth, robust balls, powerful dual multi-speed motors in the shaft and balls, and a sturdy suction cup base. Total length is 9.25 inches with an insertable length of 6.5 inches. Requires 2 AA batteries not included.

My price is only $39.20.

Edenfantasys price- $44.99. 
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Photo courtesy of edenfantasys
Their price- $74.99

And if size matters...
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Cast directly from porn star Kevin Dean's erect cock and balls, then hand painted and detailed to capture the ultimate in realism, this supercock is truly Virtual Reality. This is a monster measuring 12+ inches and 2.5 inches in diameter. Comes with suction bottom for mounting, travel bag, and autographed photo.

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Sheer Mesh babydoll with G-string.
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Kinklab lube shooter - purple

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2nd Chance

It was a restless night.  Erotic dreams kept flooding my head.  I woke up several times with my pussy aching for some action.  Every dream involved Darryl.  I met him through a friend eight months ago at a local tavern.  At first glance, I knew that I wanted him.  His tall muscular body looked so good in those tight blue jeans and polo shirts that he always wore.  His dark brown hair, with a hint of grey, was kept short.  And, his moustache and goatee complimented his rugged face.  But, it was his green eyes that made me melt.
We spent many nights together at that tavern drinking and talking.    When it came time to leave I would just give him a hug and say good night.  I never had the nerve to tell him how I really felt.  What I didn’t realize was that he wasn’t going to be around for much longer.  His gas line job had sent him here from Texas.  Even when I found out that he was leaving, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything.  He went back home to Texas last week.

I missed him so much.  There was no way that I was going to get any sleep.  So, I got out of bed and threw on a long cotton skirt and tank top.  It was too hot to wear much more.  I headed to the Tavern hoping that it would take my mind off him.  Unfortunately, The Tavern reminded me so much of our nights together.  But, there was no other place that I wanted to be if I couldn't be with him.  The Tavern wasn't very busy.  Wednesday nights never were.  Sitting at the bar brought back so many memories.  It was almost like I could feel his presence.  I sat in our usual spot and ordered a beer.  I hadn’t been there that long when my phone vibrated indicating that I had a text message.  I flipped open my phone and looked at the message.
Darryl: How are you doing?
My heart fluttered a little when I read who it was from.  A smile spread across my face.  Oh how I missed him.  I replied to his message.
Me: Horny, how about you? LOL
Darryl:  I was just getting ready to get in the shower.
Me:  Mmm… wish I could join you.
Darryl:   Me 2.  I’m always up for that!

I couldn’t believe that he was flirting back.  It was so easy to flirt with him through text messages.  But, when it comes to being face to face with him, I can’t do it.  Why does life have to be so difficult?  I continued to text him.

Me: I wish you were here right now.
Darryl: Really?  Why is that?
Me:  I want you so fucking bad!
Darryl:  Damn girl!  You should have told me that before I left. 
Me: I know.  I wanted to but I was afraid that you wouldn’t want me.
Darryl: Well we flirted through text messages.  But, I thought that you were just joking.
Me: I guess I should have told you that I wanted your hard cock inside of me.
Darryl:  Ya, I’m not very good at taking hints.
Me: Well, too late now. 
Darryl: Ya, it’s kind of difficult to do anything about it now that I’m so far away.
Me: I know.  Sorry. 
Darryl: Hey better late than never, right?
Me: I guess.  I just wish you were here right now.
Darryl: Maybe you should make plans to come to Texas. 
Me: I wish I could.  We could have a lot of fun.

My pussy ached for him to be inside of me.  Why did I have to be so damned shy?  I should have taken a risk and just went for it.  I fanned myself with my hand.  The air conditioning in the place couldn’t cool me down.  Things were getting a bit too steamy as I imagined what it would be like to make love to him.  My phone vibrated again.
Darryl:  We still can.
My heart felt like it was breaking.  I wanted him so bad.  I had fallen in love with him and never had the courage to tell him.  I knew there was no way that I could afford a trip to Texas.  And, with his job, he’d never have enough time off to come back up here.  I sighed deeply trying not to cry.  I wish that I had it to do all over again.  If I just had a second chance we could be together.  I texted him back and closed my phone.
Me: How?
I set my phone on the bar and grabbed my beer.  As I chugged the last of it, my phone vibrated again.  I was thinking that it was time to head home.  I don’t know why I came here tonight.  I flipped my phone open and read his message.
Darryl:  Turn around.
I set my beer down and turned around.  There he stood looking just as sexy as I remembered.  I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.  A smile spread across my face as he approached me.  He reached out and wrapped me in his arms.  God, his warm body felt so good against mine. 
“God, I’ve missed you,” I whispered.
He grabbed my chin and lifted my face to meet his. 
“I’ve missed you too.”
As soon as I looked into his beautiful green eyes I melted.  His lips touched mine.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to his probing tongue.  The taste of fresh mint and beer swirled around my tongue.  I inhaled the musky scent of his cologne.  Reaching up with one hand, I caressed his cheek.  With the other hand, I reached behind his head and pulled him closer thrusting my tongue into his mouth.
“Excuse me.”
The words barely sunk through the fog in my brain.  I didn’t know where the words were coming from or how long she had been saying them.  Darryl released my tongue and looked up.  I opened my eyes to see the bartender standing there with an amused look on her face.  I tried to slow my breathing down.
“Can I get you guys anything or will you be finding a room,” she asked with a chuckle.
“A Bud Light for the lady and I’ll have a vodka and cranberry,” said Darryl in his sexy Texas drawl.  He threw a twenty dollar bill on the bar and looked at me.
“You okay,” he asked me.
“Um ya, I guess.  I’m still in shock,” I replied.
Darryl smiled and sat on the bar stool next to me. 
“So, do you still want me,” he asked grinning from ear to ear.
“More than ever,” I said licking my lips.
Darryl reached out and placed his hand on my knee.  The warmth of his touch sent a shiver through my whole body.  I wanted that hand to move up a little more.  I wanted him to caress my whole body.  I’ve pictured our coupling a million times.  But, I never thought that it would happen.  Especially not like this.
When the bartender brought our drinks she looked at me and winked.  I gave her a smile and reached for my beer.

"When did you get here?"

He smiled and said, "I was here before you even walked in.  I was hoping you'd show up."
“So, did you want to go somewhere,” I asked him. 

He leaned toward me and whispered in my ear.
“Not yet.  I think that a little teasing is in order.  Don’t you?”
He gently bit my ear lobe.   My breath caught in my chest and my eyes rolled back in my head. 
“Okay,” I managed to moan.
“Let’s dance,” he said reaching for my hand.
I slid off my stool; not sure that I could even walk.  My knees were so weak.  But, Darryl wrapped his strong arm around my waist and guided me to the dance floor.  He spent the next hour grinding his erection into me.  With each move he made, I became more aroused.  I didn’t think that I could take much more.  Just when I was getting ready to relieve some tension in the restroom, he spun me around and took me in his arms.
“It’s getting too hot in here.  I think we should head down to the lake.”

I moaned as his hot lips placed a kiss on the sweet spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  Aside from his kisses, that is the one thing that makes my knees feel like jell-o.  His grip around my waist tightened a bit as I fell into to him.  I couldn’t think of anything other than the fact that I wanted him to make love to me right now.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Erectile Dysfunction and Oral Sex

Someone recently posed a question about Erectile Dysfunction.  For privacy reasons, I will call her Stacy.  Stacy's husband has ED and she asked me if I thought that it was her fault and if they would ever have sex again.

Erectile dysfunction refers to erection function only. Men with erectile dysfunction have normal sensation and sex drive and are able to achieve orgasm. If your man has Erectile Dysfunction (or ED) he can still have the urge to have sex and he can still have an orgasm.  ED is not and end all to a relationship.  It's just a bump in the road that you both have to smooth out together. 

Erectile Dysfunction does not mean that your man does not desire you or that he is cheating on you.  It can be a psychological problem or a physical problem.  One way to tell why the problem exists is watching for "morning wood" or erections while he is sleeping.  Most men will have several erections during the night and first thing in the morning.  Take a peek while he's sleeping to see if he is having erections.  If your man usually has "morning wood" and you notice that he doesn't anymore then it's a physical problem and he should see a doctor.  Most cases of ED are due to diabetes, high cholesterol and certain medications. 

If your man does have "morning wood" then his problem is most likely psychological.  It could be due to stress from work, bills, or many other stress related reasons.  Communication is very important when it comes to this touchy subject.  Let's face it, it's an embarrassing topic for men.  Nobody wants to admit that they have ED.  When discussing this with your man, please keep the topic outside of the bedroom.  If you discuss it while in bed, he may feel pressured into performing and that will make his problem worse.

Like I stated earlier, men with ED can still have an orgasm and enjoy sex.  Oral sex is a wonderful way for a couple to pleasure each other without the man feeling the pressure of performing.  Most men become aroused when they please their partner orally.  Whether you please him first or vice versa, oral sex is still a wonderful way to feel close to each other and still get sexual gratification for both of you.  Why not add some sex toys to your love making session.  When your man knows that he can still please you without having an erection, he will be more willing to keep trying. 
After trying oral sex for 2 weeks, Stacy and her husband were on their way to rekindling their relationship.  Since his ED was due to stress, it wasn't long before he was hard and happy again. 

Monday, December 20, 2010


Christmas is coming!  I can't believe that it's almost here already.  This will be my first year without my children around. :(   They get to go to their dad's this year.  So, it looks like I'll be having a very erotic Christmas.

I prefer to have my kids for Christmas.  But, alas, that's not possible.  So, to pass the time, I guess the hubby and I will have a sex-filled Christmas this year!  Time to get the sexy Santa suit out and have some fun!  Stay tuned, I just may have some wonderful stories to tell you about.  If you have any suggestions on what we should do, please let me know.  I'm always up for some new ideas!

What are your plans for this holiday season?  What are some of your Christmas fantasies?