Sunday, December 5, 2010

Excerpt From My Next Story

This is an excerpt from my next story.  I welcome any comments, ideas or advice.  I'm also looking for a name for this story.

At exactly ten o’clock, as usual, Max called me from work.
“Hey baby, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I hope that you have sweet dreams,” he said.  Just the sound of his deep voice made her quiver inside.
“Aw, thanks baby.  I miss you too,” she replied.  Gina slid her right hand under her night shorts and rubbed her clit. 
“You can wake me up when you get home you know,” she replied in a sultry voice.
“Oh really,” asked Max.  “Last call,” he yelled as he pulled the phone away from his mouth.  She could hear him laughing as he said, “No, I’m just kidding.”
“Very funny,” she said as she let out a giggle.
“Just remember who’s at home waiting for you.”  Gina slid a finger to the wetness between her legs.  She was definitely going to have to take care of herself before he got home. 
“Baby, I gotta go.  It’s pretty busy here.  I’ll be home as soon as I can.”
“Okay, hun.  I love you.  I’ll be waiting for you,” said Gina.  She hung up the phone and headed for the bedroom.

Just thinking about Max made her all wet down there.  He was so handsome with his blonde spiked hair and azure blue eyes.  His face was sculpted like a Greek god and his body was rock hard just like his dick would be later tonight.  The thought of his hard dick made her pussy ache.  She shut the bedroom door and lit a few candles.  It was two weeks before Christmas so all her candles were either pumpkin and spice or apples and cinnamon scented.  Opening her top dresser drawer she eyed the plethora of toys before her.  She thought about her Max Vibrating Cock and balls.  This bad boy is big and very life like.  It’s seven inches long and two and half inches in diameter with a suction cup on the bottom.  It’s perfect to suction to a chair when she’s in the mood to straddle fuck something.  But, she would be straddle fucking her own Max cock later tonight when he came from work.  Instead, she chose her pink and silver Rabbit Vibrator with a clitoral stimulator.  That would do the job for now. 

Gina pulled off her night shorts and shirt and dropped them to the floor.  She shut the overhead light off and climbed on the bed.  The lush, red velvet bedspread felt so good on her naked body.  Gina lay down on her back with her legs spread wide.  She rubbed the Rabbit vibrator along her pussy lips before turning it on.  She wiggled her ass from side to side on the velvety soft bedspread.  With her left hand, she ran her hand through her long auburn hair before letting it find its way to her 36C left breast.  She kept hearing Max’s voice in her head.  Last Saturday night, he had called her from work and told her be naked, wet and lying on her back when he got home. 
She had definitely done as he instructed.  After pleasuring herself, she fell asleep on her tummy with her juices dripping into the maroon silk sheets.  She heard Max come in the door that night.  She thought that she was going to be dry by then.  But, as soon as she heard him come into the bedroom, she instantly got wet.  She pretended to be asleep.  Max loved it when she did that.  She could smell the Yukon on his breath as he crawled into the bed next to her.  He always had a shot of Yukon Jack when he got home from work...

...To be continued

I have a few questions for you:
  1. Would you cum back for more? 
  2. Do you have an idea for a title? 
  3. Did you enjoy reading this story exerpt? 
Well, I hope that:
  1. You will cum back for more.
  2. It's okay if you don't have an idea.  But, if you do, I would love to hear it.
  3. You really enjoyed this story excerpt.

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