Saturday, December 11, 2010


I just entered a contest at  Paperback Dolls called 13 Days of Bloody Kiss'mas.   It is presented by Wick'd Reads and Vampire Wear.  Head on over to Paperback Dolls,  read the rules and enter.


There will be 13 days of drawings, with 13 winners. Entries will be accepted in the comments section of THIS POST beginning on December 1st through December 30th, and Drawings will begin on December 19th and continue through December 31st.

according to the day are as follows:

DAY ONE (Dec. 19th):  So Wicked Perfume from Jfay's Bloody Bordello of Wicked Potions.
                                        Ebook copy of SILVERWEED: A supernatural fairytale by Dorlana Vann.

DAY TWO (Dec. 20th):  Sucks! Which is a M/M erotic novel  Book I of Draqual Vampyres by Intn'l Best Selling Author William Maltese.
                                         Suck!  Boxer shorts  

DAY THREE (Dec. 21st):  Ebook copy of Blood Claim: Tainted  by Selena Illyria (Vampire erotica)
                                             Tainted candle in Selena's Signature Scent: Tainted Desires.

DAY FOUR (Dec. 22nd):  Ebook copy of Dragon Kin: Fire in the Sky by Michelle Hasker.
                                            A Knight of Silence gift set from author Candace Bowen Early.  Set includes: an autographed copy of A Knight of Silence, Tote bag, T-shirt, hat, mouse pad and keychain.

DAY FIVE (Dec. 23rd):  Autographed copies of Reckless Liaisons, Leading Her to Heaven and Svetkavista from author Kayleigh Jamison.
                                         Ebook copy of A Christmas Collection Anthology by author Karen Michelle Nutt.

DAY SIX (Dec. 24th):  The blood of Whitechapel candle scented in author Wayne Mallows' Signature scent: Blood Lure.
                                       Autographed copy of Angel of Death by Karen Dales.

DAY SEVEN (Dec. 25th):  Two pendulums (cleansed and charged) from Reign Radio Hostess Kimmi Jae.
                                             4 sets of skull shaped soaps (dragonsblood) also from Kimmi Jae.

DAY EIGHT (Dec. 26th):  Autographed copy of Jewel of the Sun's Blood Destiny (a paranormal romance) from author Bekki Lynn.
                                            Autographed copy of Unbound Trust by Diana Castilleja.

DAY NINE (Dec. 27th):  Autographed copy of Flicker: #1 Book of Answers (Dark Fantasy) by William Maltese.
                                          Flicker Fusion candle from candle artist Jfay scented in spice berry fusion.

DAY TEN (Dec. 28th):  Three (3) autographed Red Hot paperbacks from author Tilly Greene.
                                        A Frozen Hot Chocolate and Mythilogical Messes Redux mug also from Tilly Greene.

DAY ELEVEN (Dec. 29th):  Boleyn-Tudor swag with mug, mouse pad and notebook and quartz bracelet and earring set from Vampire author Cinsearae Santiago.
                                                 Ebook copies of The Vampire Collection and The Immortal Memoirs from author BellaDonna Drakul.

DAY TWELVE (Dec. 30th):  Author Andi Marquette and author R.G. Emanuelle~ autographed copy of  Skulls And Crossbones~ Tales of Woman Pirates
                                                A Skulls and Crossbones Candle, scented in Walk the Plank 3x6.

DAY THIRTEEN (Dec. 31st):  Tribal Fang necklace from Jo at
                                                    Bite Me thong also from  Jo at

I hope you enter the contest and win something! 

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