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Gina's First Sexual Experience with Angel

This may become the first chapter in my book An Angel For Christmas.  I think this is a good way to explain why Gina has such a desire to be with other women.  The next chapter will explain how Max and Gina met.  Then, I'll take it from there and piece the chapters together.

Gina has always been attracted to other women.  When she was a teenager she hid a porno magazine under her mattress so she could masturbate looking at those beautiful, naked girls.  She still did that.  She snuck her husbands’ magazines and masturbated to them almost every night while he was at work.  She couldn’t seem to stop thinking about having a female lover.  But, she could never tell her husband.  Max would probably leave her if he knew.  She fought the desire to fulfill her fantasy on a daily basis.  Actually, she had already had a sexual experience with a woman years ago.  It was the night she graduated high school.  Gina recalled that memory quite vividly. 

Gina had just turned seventeen and her boyfriend had broken up with her.  They were both headed off to college and he didn’t know how they would keep their relationship together with her being here in Nevada and him going to Florida.  She was upset and needed to talk to her best friend.  So, she called Angel and told her what happened.  Angel came over right away.  Angel was already eighteen.  They had lived in the same neighborhood all their lives.  They grew up together and spent all their time together.  Gina loved Angel like a sister.  She was always there for her when her parents were fighting or just being assholes. 

Gina’s parents were away for the weekend.  They had left her alone to celebrate her graduation by herself.  They hadn’t even come to her graduation ceremony.  They weren’t home much during those days anyway.  When they were home, her dad was always yelling at her and her mom was always drunk.  They never kept the alcohol locked up.  So, Gina could get into it whenever she wanted.  They never seemed to catch on when Gina dipped into it.    When Angel came over to her house, they helped themselves to the liquor.  They spent most of the night drinking and dancing around in the living room in their short pajamas.

“Do you want to go upstairs,” Angel asked Gina.  “I’m getting kind of tired.”
“Sure, I’m kind of drunk anyway,” she said as she stumbled toward the stairs. 

Gina wasn’t totally drunk.  But, she had a pretty good buzz going.  The girls held onto each other as they stumbled and giggled their way up the stairs.  Angel walked over to Gina’s bed and spread her arms out to her sides and fell onto the bed with a bounce.  Gina laughed and jumped on top of her.  Gina straddled Angel and started tickling her.  They laughed and wrestled around taking turns pinning each other down.

“Phew,” said Angel, “it’s hot in here.” 

Angel slid her ass off the bed and stood up.  She removed her jammy top and dropped it on the floor.  As Angel bent down to remove her shorts, Gina stared at Angel’s ass.  She was wearing silky red thongs and matching bra.  She had never seen such a perfect heart-shaped ass before.    Angel had the roundest breasts she had ever seen.  They were really big compared to her own.  She felt something stir inside her.  Angel looked at Gina and smiled.  Gina smiled back and tried to avert her eyes from Angel’s luscious breasts.  She could feel herself blushing.  She’d probably lose her as a friend if she touched those beautiful breasts.

“Well, aren’t you hot,” asked Angel as she plopped back onto the bed. 

With one leg hanging off the bed, Angel leaned back on her arms.  Her other leg was bent at the knee and spread wide.  Her black hair flowed like silk behind her.  Gina could see a small patch of black hair sticking out of the edge of Angel’s thong.
“Definitely,” replied Gina nodding her head vigorously.  Gina stripped down to her bra and panties too.  Gina crawled onto the bed next to Angel and lay on her side looking up at Angel.

“I have to go pee,” said Angel jumping off the bed.  “I’ll be right back.”

Gina watched as Angel’s ass jiggled as she trotted out of the room and shut the door behind her.  Feeling a little dizzy from the feelings stirring inside of her, Gina rolled on her back and took a deep breath.  She closed her eyes but all she could see was Angel’s perfect little body.  She thought about putting her face in between her milky white thighs and licking her juices.  Gina’s hands instinctively went to her breasts.  As she thought about Angel, she caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples.  She could see herself doing that to Angel.  Her right hand slid down to her pussy.  The warmth of her fingers aroused her even more.  She was so wet down there.  She had never been that wet before.  She rubbed her slit and brought her fingers to her mouth.  She could smell herself and she smelled good.  She imagined that’s what Angel would smell like too.

Angel didn’t really have to go pee.  She stood in front of the long mirror on the back of the door and watched herself caress her naked breasts.  She thought about squeezing and licking Gina’s nipples.  She stepped out of her panties and removed her bra and placed them on the back of the toilet.  Sitting down on the edge of the bathtub, she opened her legs wide and glanced at her own pussy in the mirror.  Amidst the black hair that surrounded her pussy lips, she could see the moisture building up in her cunt.  She spread her lips apart and rubbed her slit.  It was bright pink and very shiny from all her juices.  She imagined that it was Gina’s wet snatch.  Oh how she wished she could shove her fingers up Gina’s pussy and suck on that sweet little clit of hers.  Angel rubbed her slit and brought the moisture up to her clit.  Her clit was so huge.  She couldn’t waste any time.  She was supposed to be going pee.  It didn’t take that long to go pee.  She got down on the rug and lifted her legs into the air.  She rubbed her slit until her juices were dripping down her asshole.  With one finger pushing on her asshole, she shoved a finger in her hot snatch and massaged her clit with her thumb.  The finger in her ass went deeper as she wiggled it around.  As she wiggled that finger around she vigorously stroked her clit until she came.

Laying there on the floor panting, she tried to come back to her senses.  She knew that she had to clean herself up and get back to the room before Gina suspected something.  On shaking legs, she got up and washed her hands.  She didn’t want them smelling like her snatch or her ass when she went back in there.  She knew she had to clean up the juices running down her leg.  So, she reached above the toilet for a washcloth to wipe up her juices.  She was still a little weak in the knees from cumming and she had to get on her tip toes to reach them.  As she grabbed the top one, the whole stack of washcloths came tumbling down, knocking her bra and panties into the toilet.

“Shit,” said Angel.  She retrieved her bra and panties from the toilet and tossed them into the tub. 

There was nothing left for her to do but go back into Gina’s room totally naked.  She knew she shouldn’t.  She wasn’t that drunk yet.  She could wrap a towel around her naked body.  But, that wouldn’t be any fun.  She wondered what Gina would think seeing her totally naked with her nipples hard as rocks.  Angel opened the bathroom door and tip toed to Gina’s bedroom.  Maybe she fell asleep, she thought.  Just as she went to grab the doorknob to Gina’s bedroom, she heard Gina moan.  Angel grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly and gently pushed the door open just a little bit. 

There, on the bed spread eagle was Gina with one hand up her pussy and the other on her breast.  Angel just stood there and watched for a minute as Gina’s hand worked in and out of that beautiful snatch of hers.  Gina’s ass bucked off the bed a few times.  She was oblivious to the fact that Angel was standing there, totally naked, watching her.  Angel’s hand slid down her torso to her pussy.  She started rubbing her clit as she watched Gina pleasure herself.  Gina almost had her whole hand up her sweet little pussy.  Angel was getting more excited and she let a moan escape from her lips. 

Gina’s hand stopped and she opened her eyes.  When she saw Angel standing there naked and rubbing her own pussy, she yanked her hand out of her throbbing pussy and sat up.

“Oh my God,” whispered Gina as she grabbed the blanket from the bed and threw it on her naked body.

“What,” asked Angel.  She rubbed her clit in a circular motion and pinched her nipple.   “I’m doing it too,” she said. 

Angel bent her knees and slid a finger into her pussy. 

“See, “ she said as she rode her finger. 

She pulled her finger from her snatch, put in her mouth and sucked on it.  Angel smile seductively as she walked toward the bed.  Gina looked terrified. 

“Wh-why are you naked,” asked Gina pulling the blanket up around her neck.  Her face was flushed.  Angel could tell that she was almost ready to cum.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Angel said with a smile.

“Uh, ya, right,” Gina replied forcing a grin.

“I was getting myself off in your bathroom and I accidentally knocked my bra and panties into the toilet.”
Gina couldn’t believe what a beautiful body Angel had.  She also couldn’t believe that she had just masturbated because she saw her in her underwear.  Now, Angel was standing right in front of her totally naked.

“Well, you can wear something of mine for now,” replied Gina forcing herself to look away from Angel.

Her pussy was dripping its juices onto her bed.  She had been so close to cumming.  She was so damn horny and wanted to finish getting off.  But, Angel had interrupted her.  Now, there was no way she was going to finish.  She didn’t want Angel thinking that she was a lesbian or anything like that.

“No, that’s okay.  I think I’ll stay like this.  I love being naked.  Don’t you,” Angel asked with a grin as she walked toward the bed.

“I –uh-I don’t know,” stammered Gina.  “I never really thought about it.”

“Go ahead, rub your clit Gina.  I don’t mind.  You can watch me too,” Angel said as she placed one leg on the bed. 

Her pussy was so close to Gina’s face.  Gina couldn’t help but stare.  Angel reached for Gina’s hand and got a hold of it before she could pull away.  She pulled Gina’s hand toward her wet pussy and guided her hand to her clit.  Just the touch of Gina’s hand on her clit made Angel want to cum.  Gina pulled her hand away and leaned back.

“Angel, I’m not a lesbian,” she cried.

“Neither am I Gina.”

Angel crawled on the bed toward Gina.

“I love a good hard cock just as much as you do.  But, sometimes, it’s nice to feel a soft body and to lick a dripping wet pussy.” 

Angel’s face was close to Gina’s.  Gina could feel the heat of her breath as she spoke.  She leaned back away from Angel.  Her breathing increased with each passing second.  As she put her arms behind her to pull herself back and away from Angel, the blanket slipped from her breasts.  She tried to grab it but she was too late.  Angel had pushed it aside and her mouth was headed straight for Gina’s breast.  Gina inhaled deeply which only brought her nipple to Angel’s mouth quicker.

Gina’s breath caught in her throat.  Angel sucked on Gina’s nipple and then circled her tongue around it.  She flicked her tongue back and forth over her nipple and then bit down gently.  Gina let out a moan.  She had never felt that sensation before.  No-one had ever bit her nipple.  An electric pulse shot through her breast and down into her pussy.  She leaned back on the bed and let Angel play with her nipple some more.  With each nibble, Gina thought that she was going to cum.  Angel lay on top of Gina with their pussies touching.  Gina opened her eyes and looked straight into Angel’s eyes.  Angel smiled and traced her tongue over Gina’s lips.  Gina gasped opening her lips slightly.  Angel took advantage of the situation and slid her tongue inside Gina’s mouth and kissed her long and hard.  Gina closed her eyes and let her own tongue match the movements of Angel’s.  She couldn’t believe that this was happening. 

Angel began grinding herself on top of Gina.  Their kissing intensified as Gina wrapped her arms around Angel’s soft body.  She caressed Angel’s back and let her hands slide down to Angel’s ass.  She grabbed her ass and pulled her closer as she ground her pussy up into Angel’s.  Gina couldn’t believe how good it felt.  Gina didn’t want to stop.  Angel pulled her tongue from Gina’s mouth and slid her hot, wet tongue down Gina’s neck.  Gina arched her back.  Her pussy was pulsating and needed to be rubbed some more.  But, Angel had a different plan.  Gina’s breasts were heaving with each breath.  She ground her ass into the bed.  Angel’s tongue circled Gina’s breast and landed on her nipple.  She sucked on Gina’s nipple while caressing the other breast with her hand. 

Gina was still gyrating underneath Angel waiting for her to come back up and rub their pussies together again.  She wanted to cum.  Instead, Angel let her tongue trail down Gina’s belly placing kisses on her hot flesh along the way.  Gina spread her legs open and looked at Angel.  She reached out her hands to pull Gina up to her.  Angel laced her fingers in between Gina’s and pulled Gina up to a sitting position.  Angel wanted Gina to see what she was going to do to her.  She let go of Gina’s hands.  Gina placed her hands on the bed.  She sat there for a second watching Angel blow on her pussy.  Angel spread Gina’s legs open wide.  Angel spread Gina’s pussy lips open.  Gina closed her eyes and tilted her head back.  She felt Angel’s finger rub up and down her slit.  Then, Angel’s tongue licked her pussy and her mouth closed over Gina’s clit.  Gina slowly leaned back until she was lying down again. 

Gina was so aroused.  She refused to believe that this made her a lesbian.  She still loved to fuck a nice hard cock.  Angel was sucking on her clit harder.  Then, she felt a finger inside her hot pussy.  She tried to imagine that it was a cock inside of her.  It didn’t help much.  She knew that it was Angel.  She could hear Angel moaning as she ground her pussy on Gina’s leg.  Angel’s pussy was so wet that it slid easily up and down Gina’s leg. 

Gina didn’t want her to stop.  She felt Angel stick another finger inside of her.  Angel’s mouth stopped sucking on her clit.  She opened her eyes and looked at Angel.  Angel looked up at her and smiled.  Gina watched as Angel stuck a third finger into her.   Angel’s thumb stroked Gina’s clit every so often.  Angel didn’t want her to cum yet.  Gina licked her lips and saw Angel’s hand pump in and out of her pussy like it was a cock.  She was ready to cum.  Gina spread her legs wide.  Angel pulled her hand out of Gina’s pussy and lay down on the bed with her legs together and out straight.  With her right hand underneath her, she rubbed her own clit.  She started sucking on Gina’s clit again and finger fucking her pretty little snatch.  Gina moaned and arched her back.  Angel sucked harder on Gina’s clit.  She wiggled her fingers in until her whole hand was pumping insider her.  She knew that Gina was ready to cum.  The muscles in Gina’s legs and ass tightened up. 

“Oh God,” screamed Gina.  Her orgasm felt like fireworks shooting through her.   She had never felt like that when she was with a guy.  Angel shoved her hand in and out of Gina and sucked her clit until Gina exploded a second time.  Angel slid her hand out of Gina’s pussy and pulled herself up next to Gina.

“How was that,” asked Angel.

“Oh my God.  I’ve never felt anything like it before,” she replied panting. 

Angel lay there next to Gina rubbing herself, her hand slowly massaging her clit.

“Is it my turn,” asked Angel licking her lips.

“I don’t know if I can.  I’ve never done that before,” said Gina embarrassed.

“You can just rub my pussy if you want.  You don’t have to taste me.”

Angel grabbed Gina’s hand and placed on her pussy.  With her hand over Gina’s she rubbed her pussy up and down.  Gina kept her hand there this time.  Angel took her hand away and watched as Gina stared down at her pussy and kept rubbing it.

“You don’t even have to put a finger inside of me.  But, I really need to get off right now,” said Angel as she lay on her back and spread her legs.

Gina positioned herself in between Angel’s legs and kept rubbing her clit.  As she was rubbing, her hand slid down Angel’s slit.  It was so damn wet.  She began rubbing Angel’s slit up and down with one hand and the enlarged clit with the other.  Gina was so turned on.  She had never touched another woman’s pussy before.  She looked up at Angel.  Angel’s eyes were closed and she was caressing her breasts.  Just the sight of Angel’s hands on her own breasts was getting Gina hot again.  She looked back down at what she was doing to Angel’s pussy.  She wondered what she tasted like.  Gina brought a finger to her mouth and tasted Angel’s juices.  Oh God, she tasted so good.  She slid herself down closer to Angel’s pussy.  While she rubbed Angel’s clit, she slowly stuck a finger inside of Angel’s pussy. 

“Oh yeah, that feels so fucking good Gina,” moaned Angel.

Gina loved the look of Angel’s dripping pussy.  She fingered her faster.  The smell of her pussy was intoxicating.  She leaned closer and inhaled the sweet smell.  She stuck another finger inside Angel’s throbbing pussy.  She licked her lips and bit down on her bottom lip.  She wanted to taste her.  But, she didn’t want to be a lesbian.  The sound of Angel moaning aroused her even more.  She pulled her fingers out of Angel’s pussy.  She leaned in and touched the tip of her tongue to Angel’s slit.  Angel moaned and wiggled her ass.  Gina inhaled the smell again.  She stuck her tongue out again and, this time, she licked straight up Angel’s slit.  She tasted so good.  She couldn’t hold back anymore.  She plunged in and licked her sweet little pussy.  Sliding one finger at time into Angel’s pussy until her whole hand was inside; she sucked on Angel’s clit.  Angel was writhing and moaning.  Gina pulled her hand out a little bit and shoved it back in and watched as Angel arched her back.  She did it again but this time her thumb stabbed into Angel’s asshole.  Angel screamed.

“Oh my God!  I’m so sorry,” said Gina pulling her hand out of Angel’s pussy.

Angel opened her eyes and looked at Gina.

“Don’t be, it felt good.  I was almost ready to cum,” replied Angel as she reached down to rub her clit.

“Please, keep going.  I’m almost there,” begged Angel. 

Gina leaned into Angel’s pussy and licked her again.  This time she made sure that she turned her hand upwards so as to not touch Angel’s asshole.  She couldn’t believe that her thumb touched her asshole like that.  But, Angel seemed to like it.  She would just get Angel off and be done with it.  She didn’t want to touch her asshole again.  She sucked on Angel’s clit furiously as she pumped her hand in and out of Angel’s pussy.  Gina had to admit that she was all hot and bothered herself.  She dug her feet into the bed and pushed herself up and down as she sucked Angel’s pussy.  The friction of her pussy rubbing up and down on the bed was getting her wet.  She pushed herself up and down faster.  She sucked faster.  She pumped her hand in and out faster until her hand was cramping.  She was ready to cum again.  She felt so dirty doing it but she couldn’t stop.  It felt too good.  With on last suck on Angel’s clit, Angel let out a scream and tightened her ass muscles.  Angel’s pussy clenched down so hard on Gina’s hand and began pulsating around it. 

Angel let out a long sigh and reached down for Gina.  Gina crawled up next to her and collapsed by Angel’s side.  They both lay there panting next to each other.

“Wow, that was amazing,” said Angel.  “Thanks.”

“No thank you.  I’ve never done that before.  I can’t believe it felt so good.”

“Well, at least we got to do this before we left for college,” said Angel giggling.

“You aren’t going to tell anyone are you,” asked Gina.

“Of course not,” replied Angel.  “It’ll be our little secret.”

“Thanks.  I don’t want people thinking that we’re lesbians or anything,” said Gina blushing.

That was the first and only time that Gina had been with a woman.  She was so embarrassed by it that she had never told anyone.  But, she thought about it often.  She fantasized about fucking every beautiful woman that she saw.  She dated frequently but never found a man that could satisfy her like Angel had.  That is, until Max came along.

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