Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Angel for Christmas- a chapter from my book

Gina had been to the Exotic Butterfly before.  Max is a bartender there.  They agreed on a “no surprises” pact when he started working there six years ago.  “No surprises” meant that when the club hires a new female employee Max would call her so she can come to the club and check out the new girl.  This way, she’s never surprised if someone tells her that there’s a new girl at the club.  And, she never has to worry what’s going on down there when she’s not around.

She wasn’t expecting a call from Max until ten o’clock.  That’s what time he usually calls her before she goes to bed.  But, tonight, he called at seven to tell her that there was a new girl for the voyeur room that she should come check out.  They always start the girls off as a waitress first to see if they fit in with the club atmosphere.   When she hung up the phone she gathered her purse and keys and went out to Victoria Secret to buy a new sexy dress. 

The one she chose was a short black dress that clung to her breast and full hips.  It was low cut and perfectly showed the cleavage of her voluptuous size 38C breasts.  She went back to the apartment and changed into the dress, fixed her hair and applied her makeup.  She made sure to leave her panties at home.  She got so horny every time she went to The Exotic Butterfly.  It was just much easier and quicker to masturbate in the bathroom without having to worry about her panties.  With each visit, she usually frequented the bathroom several times.  She was too embarrassed to visit the Ladies Lounge or Voyeur Rooms.  So, she settled for the restroom stall.  She remembered to put her feminine hygiene wipes in her purse this time.  She would most likely need them after multiple masturbations.

The club was dimly lit.  Everything was a sea of red velvet, from the red velvet wall paper to the red velvet booths and chairs.  The carpet in the main room was red and black checked.  The lights along the wall glowed like the club was on fire which only added to the erotic atmosphere.  In the center of the main room was a long oval bar lined with sixty stools.  The main stage was to the right of the bar.  It was a semi-circle that sported a bar top around the outer edge.  The stage floor was made of hard wood the color of golden honey and came equipped with two stripper poles.  The layer of polyurethane over the hard wood floor contained specks of gold glitter that made the stage sparkle.  There were other rooms off to the left of the bar that led to more stages and a dining room with a separate entrance.  Each stage room had its own restroom.  Most people that frequented the dining room were couples that went there solely for a romantic dinner.   But, other couples would enjoy their romantic dinner and then share an erotic night watching the dancers or visiting the Voyeur Rooms.  The doorway to the back of the main room was for VIP members only.  That doorway led to the Voyeur Rooms, the Ladies Lounge, the locker rooms for the staff and the personnel offices.

The Ladies Lounge was off to the right as soon as you walked through the VIP doorway.  When you walked into the room, there were chaise lounges and chairs and tables where the ladies could socialize.  Towards the back of the room was a long row of twelve doors. That was the Ladies Voyeur Rooms.  Each door opened up into a small booth.  Each booth was five feet wide by five feet long.  There was a two way mirror with a view of a private stage the same size.  On the other side of the glass, the mirror side, was a stage that contained either a lounge chair or a bed.  The Ladies Voyeur booths had a special chair in the center.  It was a red leather reclining chair with two holes in the seat.  The armrests of the chair had controls on them.  The right armrest controlled the vibrator that would come up out of the center of the chair.  You could control how deep and how fast the vibrator worked you over by the controls on the right armrest.  The left armrest controlled an anal vibrator.  With the controls on the left armrest, you could control how deep and fast the anal vibrator probed your asshole.  You could also pump it up if you were more experienced with anal stimulation.  There were adjustable stirrups if you wanted to use them.  There was a long wait for these rooms.  The ladies just loved them.  There was an hour wait in between each session so that the chairs could be sterilized.  So, some of the ladies would pass the time in the lounge, the men’s Voyeur Rooms, or at one of the many stage bars in the club.

Gina usually stayed in the main room.  That’s where Max bartended.  As she walked to the bar, she could see that the place was starting to get busy.  It was only eight o’clock on a Wednesday night.  She leaned her breasts on the bar and waited for Max to come over to her.  Her cleavage was very visible in her new low-cut black dress.  Max loved it when she bought a new sexy dress on their “no secrets” nights.  She had a knack for picking out the sexiest, shortest dresses.  Her wavy auburn hair cascaded down her shoulders and across the bar.  Between the wisps of hair hanging down, he could see that her breasts were pouring out of that dress. 

Max smiled at her and asked, “The usual ma’am?”  On “no surprises” night, they always pretended that they weren’t married.  It made Gina feel better.  This way she could tell how the new dancer would act around Max. 

“Yes please,” she said as she flipped her hair off her shoulders exposing her luscious cleavage. God, he wished that he could suck her nipples right now. 

Max made her a Drunken Monkey which consisted of peach schnapps, parrot bay, 99 bananas, pineapple juice, orange juice and a splash of 7UP.  She called this her happy juice.  It always made her feel so much more daring.  She only drank them when she was out with Max.  But, he knew she needed a bit of courage once she laid her beautiful green eyes on Angel.  He put a straw in her drink and placed it in front of her, nonchalantly grazing her right breast.  She inhaled deeply and caressed the exposed flesh just above her cleavage.  She took her drink and said, “just put it on my tab,” then turned and walked away.  Max was turned on.  He had to think of something else to help his erection go down or he’d never get through the night. 

Gina went over to the main stage and sat down.  She chose a stool on the right side of the bar with her back to the main entrance.  The announcer was introducing the first girl of the night.  She watched the first two dancers.  They were okay but nothing spectacular.  Gina finished her drink and was getting ready to go to the bar when the waitress came over and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Angel and I'll be your waitress to-.”  Angel stopped in mid sentence.  She couldn’t believe who she was seeing.

“Gina,” Angel screamed. 

Gina looked at her and she flashed back to the night that they shared together.  It had been ten years since that had happened.  Angel flashed a smile and propped her ass on the bar and leaned toward Gina.  Her breasts were full and round and her hair was as black and shiny as raven feathers, just as she had remembered.  Her almond shaped eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue.  Angel’s long, straight hair caressed Gina's arm as she leaned closer to Gina and hugged her. 

“Angel, how are you,” asked Gina.

“I’m fantastic.  God, I’ve missed you so much,” Angel said.  “So, what’ll you have?”

"Uh-I'll- Uh have a Drunken Monkey," stammered Gina.  She could feel her face flush. 

"Good choice," said Angel as she patted Gina's knee.  “Maybe we can get together later,” Angel said with a wink.

Angel wiggled her heart-shaped ass over to the bar and waited for Gina's drink.  Gina looked back at the stage to clear the thoughts she was having about Angel.  The announcer came out on the stage and introduced Honey who was everyone's favorite dancer.  Honey was a beautiful blonde bombshell.  She sauntered from behind the stage curtain wearing shiny red pasties over her 38DD breasts with long tassels, matching thongs and garter belt on her left leg.  Gina's legs opened slightly of their own accord.  Angel came back with Gina's drink.  She bent down and placed it in front of her.

"She's hot isn't she," asked Angel.  She leaned on the bar with her left hand and looked at Gina.

"She's beautiful," replied Gina blushing.

Gina accidentally looked at Angel's breasts and then quickly looked at the floor.  A smile spread across Angel's face.  As she stood up, her tray fell to the floor.  Angel gave a fake surprised look and bent down to get the tray.  Squatting down, with her legs spread out instead of in a lady like position, she grabbed the tray and stole a peek at Gina's neatly trimmed pussy.  Angel looked at Gina, smiled and blew on Gina's pussy.  Gina's breathe caught in her throat.

Angel looked Gina in the eyes.

"I wish that I could taste that pussy again," Angel whispered slowly licking her top lip. 

Angel placed a hand on Gina's leg to assist her in standing up.  As she stood up, Angel's hand slid up Gina's thigh.  Gina took a deep breath and closed her legs.  She never thought that she would see Angel again.  Just the thought of Angel between her thighs made her wet.  She watched as Angel sauntered around the room taking drink orders.  She brought her drink to her mouth and sucked hard on the straw, imaging that it was Angel’s nipple in her mouth.  She drank down almost half of it before setting it back down.  Gina tried to shake off the feelings stirring within her.

She watched as Honey performed her seductive dance and bounced her huge breasts around.  The tassels spun so gracefully.  Gina was amazed that Honey could do this with such large breasts.  It was kind of exciting.  As she finished her drink, she swayed in her seat to the music grinding her pussy on the stool. 

Angel had been watching Gina and knew when she needed a drink.  She bent down next to Gina and asked her if she would like a refill on her drink.  All Gina could do was nod.  Angel reached for Gina's glass and knocked the straw out of the glass.  The straw rolled along the bar and fell right into Gina's lap.  Gina went to get it but Angel got to it before she did.  Angel's hand was right on her crotch.  She grabbed the straw between her thumb and forefinger and spread the rest of her fingers so they slid down Gina's wet pussy.  Holding onto the straw, she worked her finger up and down Gina's slit.  Gina's heart was pounding in her chest.  Gina opened her lips slightly and inhaled deeply as Angel wiggled her little finger over her clit several times.

"Got it," yelled Angel as she stood up proudly holding up the straw.  She placed it on her tray and then put her little finger in her mouth and sucked Gina's juices off.

"Delicious," said Angel.  "I'll be right back with your drink."

Gina closed her lips and adjusted her dress.  Angel had pulled her dress up and her pussy was almost exposed.  Gina settled back in her stool and watched Honey perform.  Honey came close to her and grabbed a hold of the stripper pole.  Honey bent down and picked up a bottle of lubrication that was on the stage.  As she moved her hips from side to side with the music, she poured the lubrication in her cleavage and placed the bottle back on the floor.  Honey took her breasts into her hands and rubbed the oil all over them.  She grabbed the pole and placed a breast on either side of it.  She was right in front of Gina.  Honey slowly slid down the pole, licking it with her tongue as she went.

Gina licked her top lip as she ground her ass on the stool.  She bit her bottom lip and looked over at the bar to find Max.  Max met her look with a smile and a wink.  Max nodded in Honey’s direction and Gina returned her gaze to the erotic blonde on the stage.  Honey’s slippery huge breasts were almost in her face.  Honey was squatting in front of her, with her legs spread wide, bouncing up and down.  Honey’s breasts jiggled right in front of her face and her snatch was so close that Gina could reach out and touch it.  Touching was forbidden at The Exotic Butterfly.  Gina would never have thought of doing that.  But, after the episode with Angel, she was beginning to wonder about herself.  She was more turned on than ever before.  But, she was not a lesbian.  Sure she had sex with Angel.  But, they were just kids.  She hadn’t done that with any other woman since Angel.  Besides, she loved her husband very much and sex with him was wonderful.  She definitely had no complaints in that department.  Well, with the exception that she was horny all the time and could use more sex.  Sometimes she thought that she had the libido of a man.

She was so enamored by the site of Honey’s tits that she didn't realize Angel had brought her a new drink.  As Angel set her drink down in front of her, she felt Angel’s breasts brush against her own. 

"There you go," said Angel.  She held the tray in her right hand right in front of Gina's face.  Angels little finger was almost touching her lips.  She could smell herself on Angel's finger.  She wanted to suck on it so bad. 

She looked up at Angel with lust in her eyes, "Thank you."

Angel smiled and said with a wink, "anytime." 

Angel leaned close to her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll gladly give you more than that.  Can we get together later?”

“Angel, what happened back then was a onetime thing.  I’ve never done that with anyone else.  Besides, I’m married now,” Gina whispered in Angel’s ear.

“Maybe that’s because you only want me,” said Angel licking Gina’s ear.

“I-I can’t,” said Gina.

“I’ve missed you so much,” replied Angel.  “I really want to taste that hot little snatch of yours again.  Maybe your husband would get off on that.”

Angel licked Gina’s ear again and wiggled away to do her job.  Gina couldn’t take it anymore.  She slammed her third drink and headed for the bathroom.  Her pussy was dripping wet.  She knew her pleasure juices were dripping down her leg, she could feel it.  If she didn’t hurry to the restroom, everyone else would know it too.  Gina walked to the last stall and closed it behind her.  Making sure it was locked securely; she placed her purse on the back of the toilet and pulled out her lipstick vibrator.  With the noise in the club, no-one would hear her vibrator.  Gina pulled her dress up around her waist and sat down on the toilet.  With her left hand she spread her pussy lips apart and rubbed the vibrator over her clit and down her slit with her right hand.  She circled her fingers around in her wet juices and started rubbing her clit.  She placed the vibrator in her mouth and tasted her wonderful juices.  She remembered what Angel’s cunt tasted like.  She grabbed the vibrator with her teeth and twisted the tool to turn it on and then plunged it into her pussy.

Gina couldn’t believe that she was thinking about tasting Angel's sweet little cunt again.  She wanted to suck on her beautiful breasts and grab a hold of that raven hair.  Gina pulled the left side of her dress to the side and caressed her breast.  The vibrator was driving her crazy.  She knew that she should get back out there so Max didn’t worry.  But, she couldn’t help it.  To help herself cum faster, she pushed her left breast toward her mouth and took her own nipple into her mouth.  She nibbled and sucked on her nipple.  She placed the vibrator directly on her clit.  Between biting her own nipple and her clit being stimulated, she was ready to cum.  Gina spread her legs as far apart as she could manage in that little stall.  She clenched her ass and leg muscles as tightly as she could.  That all too familiar wave of pleasure was came over her.  She bit her nipple even harder and came with such force that she almost fell off the toilet.  

It took every ounce of strength that she had to stand up.  Her legs were shaking and her breathing was rapid.  She took a feminine hygiene wipe out of her purse, cleaned off her vibrator, placed it back in its convenient little case and tossed the wipe into the trash can.  As she cleaned up her pussy with a new wipe, electric sensations shot through her again.  She leaned against the door and surfed that wave of pleasure again.  Once cleaned up, she managed to walk out of the restroom without anyone staring at her in shock.  She walked over to the bar and ordered another drink.

Max was grinning from ear to ear.  He knew exactly what she had just done.  But, he didn’t let her know that.  She was always embarrassed about stuff like that. 

“Another drink,” asked Max.

“Yes please,” replied Gina.  Her breathing had almost returned to normal.  Another drink was just what she needed.

"So, what do you think of Angel so far," he asked her.

"I really like her.  She so nice and attentive.  She's really beautiful," said Gina, her voice trembling.

"I think she'll fit in nicely around here don't you," he asked.

"Oh yes, she'll fit in just fine," Gina nodded.  She looked at Angel again and thought of their night together.  How was she ever going to get through this?  There was no way that she could tell Max.  She hoped that Angel wouldn’t tell him either.  She’d have to make sure of that.

"I think I'd better take a cab home after this drink."

"You could go in the back and lie down for a while," said Max.  "I'll wake you when I'm done." 

A smile spread across Gina's face.  There was only one way that he woke her up after he was done work.  Just the thought of fucking him in this place got her wet again.

"I think I'll take you up on that offer," she said with a wink.  As she walked toward the back, she glanced over her shoulder at Angel.  Angel looked at her and licked her lips.  Gina would definitely have to take care of herself again.  She walked into the employee's lounge and lay down on the couch.


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